Best Sniper in Warzone 2. Which is the best sniper rifle in Warzone 2.0?

Looking for the best sniper rifle in Warzone 2? Sniper rifles are great for crushing skulls from incredible distances in Warzone 2, but not all are equal.

Finding the best sniper is important if you want to get the upper hand in long-range combat, but testing them out takes time. You will want to spend your time making headshots and winning. So we have done all the testing for you.

This guide will show you the best sniper rifles in Warzone 2. We also provide a ranked list of all the sniper rifles in Warzone 2. Along with detailed information on each, explain why we got to our current ranking.

Best Sniper in Warzone 2

The best sniper in Warzone 2 is the Victus XMR. Boasting the best damage range in its class and incredible accuracy, it is outstanding at taking out enemies at a distance with one or two clean shots. It is remarkably similar to the MCPR-300 but with slightly greater chest damage, the clear winner between the two.


See our list of the best sniper rifles ranked by Warzone 2 below.

  • Victus XMR
  • MCPR-300
  • Signal 50
  • SP-X 80
  • LA-B 330

#1. LA-B 330

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The LA-B 330 is an excellent sniper rifle with incredible damage. Pinpoint accuracy is expected of a gun in its class. It also has a lightweight frame that improves speed and is ideal for use with quick scopes.

Compared to other snipers, however, it’s a little less than the LA-B 330. Which is the lowest in its class; the SP-X 80 is lighter, and the Signal 50 fires faster. The MCPR-300 does the best damage at the range. If you like camouflaging or using this sniper rifle picked up from the ground, you will not be disadvantaged.

#2. SP-X 80

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The SP-X 80 is the quickest sniper in Warzone 2, offering the fastest ADS speed and helping to use the flashy quick scope. It sacrifices some recoil control to achieve this speed, but this should be easily corrected with a few attachments.

Fortunately, the SP-X 80 is not to be outdone in terms of damage; if you can hit two shots, you can easily get a kill from long range, making it a handy weapon when roaming Al Mazrah.

If you use this weapon and want a better setup, see Warzone 2’s guide on the best loadouts for the SP-X 80.

#3. Signal 50

(Image Via: Eurogamer)

The Signal 50 boasts the fastest refire rate of any sniper rifle in Warzone 2, moving into second place. Since most enemies are running around in full armor, the ability to quickly fire the next round and hit a second one makes the Signal 50 very dependable in facilitating kills from long range;

it does not match the damage of other snipers in Warzone 2, but it can kill just as often. You will find that the Signal 50 is a very effective sniper.

The Signal 50’s refire rate is also very beginner-friendly, making it a good choice for beginners; if you’re still new to sharpshooting with the Al Mazrah, the Signal 50 is the perfect weapon.

If you’d like to try this gun, check out Warzone 2’s guide to the best Signal 50 loadouts.

#4 MCPR-300

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The MCPR-300 is slow and awkward, but its superior damage and accuracy make it ideal for dropping enemies from incredible distances, even when they are armored. The MCPR-300 can also be used as a quick follow-up to take out an enemy while he is in cover.

The MCPR-300 contains 10 rounds per shot, making it ideal for targeting not only a single target but perhaps an entire squad. With this weapon, you can make a series of headshots.

So look at the best loadout of the MCPR-300 in Warzone 2.

#5. Victus XMR – The Best Sniper in Warzone 2

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The very powerful Victus XMR is almost identical to the MCPR-300 but significantly improved its chest-fire damage profile. This makes it the best sniper in Warzone 2 and worth the downside of slightly lower operating speed and smaller magazine size (5 vs. 10 for the MCPR-300). The last point is the most notable, but the additional damage should ensure you can kill any enemies lurking nearby before you reload.

If you want to dominate the sniper meta in Warzone 2.0, check out our guide on creating the best Victus XMR loadout in Warzone 2.

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