Blue Point Games Teases “Bloodborne” Remake

Bluepoint Games, the company behind the popular “Demons’ Souls. Bloodborne remake recently posted season’s greetings on the official PlayStation Blog, wishing everyone a Happy Holiday. The posted image shows three games the company has worked on and one unopened mystery box.

This led to speculation that the company was hinting at a completely new remake of an older game.

There are many possible candidates, but the fact that Bluepoint is a subsidiary of Sony limits the number of candidates to only two.

Bluepoint Games is widely regarded by fans as one of the best studios when it comes to remakes and remasters. The company has done an excellent job with past titles, and fans eagerly anticipate new potential games.

Bluepoint Games’ mystery title will likely be either “Metal Gear Solid” or “Bloodborne.”

Bluepoint Games’ New Year’s card featured “God of War.” “Demons’ Souls” and “Shadow of Colossus,” with a plain mystery box in the middle, perhaps hinting at an upcoming title.


Considering Sony, we can conclude that the two titles Bluepoint Games. May be working on remaking the original “Metal Gear Solid” (1998) and “Bloodborne” (2015).

Metal Gear Solid, visionary game developer

Now, of the two, fans are more excited about “Metal Gear Solid” because of Hideo Kojima. The visionary game developer behind the title mentioned above recently made a very suspicious tweet.

He posted a picture of a white screen with a small blue box with a circle painted. The community has concluded that Kojima refers to Bluepoint Games in this tweet. If so, a “Metal Gear Solid” remake is in development.

Many fans will be happy to hear that “Metal Gear Solid” is a game that represents the genre. In recent years, the title’s player base has taken a nosedive due to its dated design, even though the game is still enjoyable. However, a remake with brand-new textures, modern technological advances, and quality-of-life features would put this title back on the map.


Nevertheless, Kojima’s tweet and Bluepoint Games’ teaser are completely unrelated. The latter may be working on a remake of “Bloodborne.” This is something that ardent fans have been waiting for since the “Demons’ Souls” remake was released.

Whether it’s The Game Awards, PlayStation Showcase, Summer Game Fest, or any other event, fans continue to anticipate the reveal of the PS5 and PC versions of Bloodborne.

Over the past few years, this demand has been further fueled by Sony’s PC offerings of titles. Such as God of War Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last Of Us, and Death Stranding.

Bloodborne will never be released on PC until and unless it is remade, and Bluepoint Games is the only studio that can do it justice. Unfortunately, there is no indication that Bloodborne will be remade, and its chances are even less likely than Metal Gear Solids.

In any case, a remake of the new game may be just around the corner, or it may just be that the anticipation built up by the community will fizzle out in a matter of months, and fans will have to wait until the new year of 2023 for any announcements, which may not come until then.

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