5 Tips to Clear Genshin Impact Hidden Strife Challenge Dire Mode on DAY-5

Hidden Strife is Genshin Impact newest event, in which different parties take on a variety of enemies. Team composition plays an important role in this event. This is because the buffs offered in all challenges depend on team composition.

On Day 5, the developers increased the difficulty level so much that players were tripped up because they did not have enough time to defeat all the enemies and complete the challenge. This article will list tips to help travelers win at a higher rate.

Genshin Impact Hidden Strife Day 5 Tips. Puissant Caliber

Genshin Impact players can only play in the Dire Straits mode of all challenges in this event after completing the Vicious Battle mode, which is much easier than Dire Straits.

#1. Avoid using full Geo teams

A Geo team may seem like the perfect option for this challenge since powerful opponents Rock Shieldwall Mitakar, and Stonehide Rowkar have Geo shields. Players did not expect this team to be useful only in “Vicious Battle” and not in “Dire Straits” mode.

Geo Attack is a great way to remove the shields of Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl and Stonehide Lawachurl’s Geo Shield. However, Stonehide Lawachurl has 70% Geo resistance, so if the Geo shield falls, the entire team’s attack is virtually useless.


This team should only be used if all members are fully built and can deal consistent damage even after Lawachurl’s shield is down.

#2. Specializing in Elemental Attacks

Genshin Impact’s Puissant Calibre challenge provides a buff that can increase the attack of claymore characters. Still, it is better to focus on the elemental attack of other characters to deal with AoE damage. In particular, Overlord is the best elemental because it can deal with Pyro’s AoE damage and effectively break geo-shields.

#3. Stacking Claymore Character Attacks

The clear criterion for this challenge is to defeat six strong opponents within 150 seconds. Therefore, players must stack the Claymore character’s attacks to get the afterimage mite. It does not matter if the damage is low or if the mobs do not die. This action is to gain buffs and spawn strong enemies as quickly as possible.


#4. Food buffs are consumed before the challenge begins

It is important to note that this challenge’s HP pool for the lowachar is large. Genshin Impact players who do not have a strong and complete Claymore character may want to use their food advantage to gain additional buffs before the challenge begins.

#5. Spam attacks only on powerful opponents

Some players mistakenly believe they need to defeat mobs to clear the challenge. These Mobs are only there to help Travelers accumulate Afterimaged Might buff from Claymore attacks. Once strong enemies appear, you can completely ignore the Mob and focus only on attacking the strong enemies.

With these points in mind, I hope you can conquer the fifth “Phantom Revelers” difficulty with better team formation.

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