The Sims 4 players clock 1.4 billion hours played in a free game in 2022

The Sims 4, EA’s life sim game that became a free game before the announcement of The Sims 5, has logged a massive 1.4 billion hours of total play time in 2022!

EA says players of The Sims 4 spent a whopping 1.4 billion hours of total play time in 2022, and fans of perhaps the most famous life game are making even more of The Sims this year than last. The next installment is ahead of the early access release in October. Not only did we get a glimpse, but “The Sims’4” is now a free game, making it a banner year for the series.

EA reported in its year-end breakdown that “Simmers spent 1.4 billion hours on ‘The Sims’4’ and created 18.5% more Sims characters than in 2021.” Of course, there were plenty of reasons for character creators to jump into 2022. Not only did the move to free-to-play allow more players than ever to enjoy the game, but the “Sims 4 customizable pronouns” update allowed players to change their character’s gender identity, pronouns, and romantic and sexual preferences.


There are also several notable updates in 2022, most notably the “The Sims’4 Werewolves” expansion, which jumps out as a dramatic addition that allows characters to be assigned as occult sims and transformed under the right conditions.

The announcement of “The Sims: Project Rene” also seems to have prompted many players to return to the latest mainline version. The project is in the early stages of what will essentially become “Sims 5,” and is already being tested on a limited basis by members of the community, with EA aiming to build it with the help of “Sims” fans. Read our interview with “The Sims: Project Rene” to learn more about what the team hopes to accomplish, including early access, improved diversity options, and creation tools in the next installment.

If you want to join the crowd, you can download “The Sims’4” for free. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, the best “The Sims’4” mods offer many great ways to improve the game. Our guide to the best “The Sims 4” CC should help you find the best custom content packs and creators to further enhance your experience.

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