Adglobe and Binary Haze Interactive took advantage of the quiet time relative to the various announcements of The Game. Awards 2022 to officially announce Redemption Reapers, a strategic RPG available on PC, PlayStation, and Switch in early 2023. officially announced and created a space on the sector portal.

Created by the Adglobe team, publishers of the Metroidvania Enderlily, this new project encourages fans of the genre to step into the shoes of the Cinereo Falcon, responsible for the terrifying menace of deadly creatures of the night.

Its creators describe redemption Reapers as a dark fantasy simulation game where the action lies between medieval and medieval environments, where intense battles enter into a playful and narrative context that varies. Members of the Ashen Hawk brigade can take from their enemies elemental powers.

Due to the Mortal solity, several members of his party must carefully manage their limited resources, such as weapons and restorative items. Leaving the survival of the human race will also be through the bonds of our heroes. Who were able to exchange and upgrade their equipment.

Commercial release of Redemption Reapers will begin in February on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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