Now read that the merge Fantasy Island collaboration Sanrio will be seen and will bring three new characters, resources, and more. Hello, the characters’ names, Cinnamoroll and Pom Pom Pudding are lauded for their character choices. Likewise, a normal Kuyasu has been added to the playable character roster, along with new accessories and new items to collect.

Cinnamoroll is the true star of this title, as all of the special event islands are built around him. Players will be able to obtain valuable resources by completing special missions on Event Island. For one week, from December 7 to January 5, that paradise will be gone forever, so don’t delay.

Event Island is currently running a log-in campaign that offers a Hello Kitty plush toy to anyone who arrives by January 6. The Sanrio character, Nomu-san, is available through daily missions.

You can read the cute scene from the trailer below.

The Black Sea, southeast of the Sanrio district, is getting old. So while you’re at it, why not check out the Fruit Battleground code?

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