Does the words Halo: The Endless ring a bell? We told you about it just over a year ago when we heard that Microsoft was attempting to register it. Even if we don’t know if it is a new or expanded version, it is certainly a viable business model, just like the description of this brand.

Unfortunately, however, the project seems to have run into difficulties even before the public was aware of it. According to HalooHub, a Twitter account that closely follows all news and has been associated with the franchise, the trademark registration “Halo: The Endless” has suffered a reversal due to a disagreement with another company.

The registration was made by Amplitude studio, a Parisian software company that apparently really cares about the word Endless. The Frenchman is actually the developer of the Endless character. Obviously, Amplitude would prefer to avoid comparisons between its games and another franchise or vice versa.

The ball is passed to Microsoft, which can defend itself in different ways by educating the French company on the move or simply pulling its arms. At worst, the House of Redmond could be forced to abandon the brand, as well as go rebranding; that is, this new, mysterious alien called Halo could be delayed.

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