Witcher showrunner: ‘I’ve never mocked the books’

(Image credit: Netflix)

In promoting his new project, the animated series with the working title “X-Men ’97,” Beau DeMayo contrasted it with his former work as a writer for The Witcher, where “some writers (were) not fans and actively hated the book and the game (There were even some who actively mocked the original work),” he said, “You have to respect that work before you are allowed to add to its legacy.” “X-Men ’97” is the second in the “Wilcher” series, after “The Witcher” and “The Witcher” series.

Fans of the Witcher books who were disappointed with Netflix’s treatment of the source material in the film adaptation, and fans of the new adaptation which were upset that Henry Cavill was dropping out after season three, have used this as ammunition to attack showrunner Lauren Hisrich on social media. On Instagram, where she posted a trailer for the prequel series “The Witcher,” she called her “Blood Origin. Blood Origin” called her a “trash writer” and accused her of making fun of the book.

I have never mocked a book,” Hissrich replied patiently. And the writers’ room is a sacred, safe, and above all, collaborative space.” Don’t believe everything you read.”

After repeating Bo DeMayo’s comment in the comments section, Hisrich said, “I have great respect for Bo and the episode he wrote!” I replied. The Striga episode is one of my favorites. He wrote the one where people come to Care Morhen, and Eskel dies, and there was a lot of backlash to this, but he had the courage to tell the story he wanted to tell. That takes a lot of courage. I respect that.

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