The archive of apps from the Google Play Store is now available to everyone

Google is testing a new feature in the Google Play Store, App Archive, to save space on limited storage devices.

This will allow users to archive their app data on their devices when they uninstall an app from the Google Play Store. This would allow users to install the app again, retaining the experience they had before uninstalling the app. This feature is currently available to all.

Google’s system updates come in a seemingly random cadence and consist of various bumps to the Play Store app, Play Services, and proper monthly system updates. As it is, we get to see new features added every few days. The latest one brings us the ability to slip apps on and off our phones without having to set them up each time.

Google introduced the concept of app archiving back in March. Allowing users to uninstall apps through the Play Store. but if they reinstall the app, they seamlessly go back to the experience they had before uninstalling. Have their device with local data that allows them to jump ….

If you like to play large games over and over again or download an app for customs declarations, this is a great way to take an annual trip with the family. If you have a budget phone with limited storage, this would be even better.

Google rolls out an app archiving feature in the Play Store

In an effort to improve the Android user experience, Google continues to test. New features through the system or Play Store updates. The latest in this pursuit is app archiving. Which was first seen last month during the latest Play Store app apk teardown.

What became clear during this session was that the new Play Store will allow users to slip apps into their phones without having to configure them each time. This is due to the app archive, where the Play Store retains the app data before. It is uninstalled and brings it back every time the app is installed again.


Until then, the app exists with a download symbol on the device catalog icon and its data is stored on the system. This allows users to have the same experience as before uninstalling the app.

It leaves some junk on the local device, but it is good for those. Who cycles through large games frequently or have phones with limited storage.

The feature is available in the Google Play Store v33.4 update the company released Thursday. Google may roll back this update slowly to account for the ongoing holiday period, but if you want to try, you can do so from APK Mirror.

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