How to find coal in the Minecraft game

In Minecraft, coal can be found by mining coal ore. However, this very important resource can be difficult depending on where you spawn. Since coal is used to make torches, obtaining coal is one of the first objectives of the player. Therefore, you need to have as large a supply as possible.

How to get coal in Minecraft

Finding coal in Minecraft is not that difficult. Coal ores are very common blocks and are usually produced in veins, so it is easy to collect a lot at once. Here is how to mine coal at the start of a new world.

  • First, gather enough wood to make a workbench.
  • Make two sticks.
  • Create a Wood Pickaxe with two sticks and three boards.
  • Look for coal on nearby cliffs and water.
  • Use a pickaxe on the coal ore to collect the coal.

Once you have coal, you can make charcoal. To do this, you build a furnace and burn logs with coal. One coal can burn enough wood for 8 pieces of charcoal. So, if we only consider producing torches, we have a 700% return!

If you are not good at exploring, you can also get coal by killing Mob. Unfortunately, you can only obtain coal by killing Wither’s skeleton Mob. They spawn in the Nether dimension and are very dangerous.


Unless you plan to build a mob loot farm, it is best to avoid them. Instead, it is better to stick to the traditional way of finding coal in Minecraft: mining.

How to Craft Coal in Minecraft

In Minecraft, coal is obtained naturally and is not usually crafted. However, if you somehow obtain a block of coal, you can place it on the crafting table to make 9 pieces of coal. Similarly, if you get a block of coal ore with a silk-touch pickaxe, you can smelt it using a furnace to get coal.

However, unless you are playing on a custom Minecraft map or a best-in-class survival server, it is hard to imagine such a situation in simple Minecraft gameplay with friends. Furthermore, smelting coal ore will only yield one coal, which is essentially a waste of fuel.

How to Use Coal in Minecraft

Now, the next natural question many players ask is, “How do I use the coal I find in Minecraft?” Here are the different ways to use coal blocks in the game

  • Fuel: Coal can be used to power and blast furnaces in Minecraft and refine various items.
  • Trading: Minecraft villagers with professions such as fishermen, arms dealers, toolmakers, armorers, and butchers may offer emeralds in exchange for coal.
  • Crafting: Coal is a common crafting material and can be used to make a variety of useful items. They are discussed in more detail in the next section.

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