How to Build In a medieval city, a barn can be found

Have you learned to build a barn in the Medieval Dynasty yet?

Building your village or community was one of the best parts of the Middle Ages. While some players enjoy other things like mining, fishing, or exploring the map, developing your town will keep you occupied for at least ten or ten hours.

After recruiting locals and assigning jobs to locals, you can finally build a barn. This is one of the most important buildings needed for farming. With a barn, you can assign villagers from your village to be barn workers or farmers.

This means they can do field work, harvesting, milling, etc. In addition, the Barn allows you to craft more new items related to farming.

Medieval Farming

Farming is one of the six primary skills that can be developed in the Medieval Dynasty. By performing tasks related to this skill, skill points are earned and can eventually be spent on its skill tree. In particular, agriculture is divided into four different cultures, the same as the others.

In the second part, there is farming knowledge medieval, skills and perseverance. Farming knowledge helps you gain more skills when farming; upgrading to Skilled Farmer increases your chances of producing good yields when harvesting crops. In addition, an attentive farmer slows the rate at which Farming tools lose durability.

The village is the rancher and master of that particular person. Buying a village whistleblower allows you to summon mounts simply by blowing a whistle. The farm master gets a little money for using farm equipment. Each grade of Farm Master gives 10%, 20%, and 30% less money; of the three products, Farmer’s Trance and Skilled Orchardman are offered in Category 2.


Clearing 330 points can increase the farm’s pursuit rate, reduce time wasted by riding, and increase the orchard’s yield. Next, Animal 4 focuses on making the horse more comfortable to ride. Carrot & Stick can increase the horse’s weight by 10 or 30 kg. Finally, night Rider increases the speed at which the horse can run.

During the Middle Ages, I had a barn opened up to me.

The barn is a Tier 1 building and started with farming. Villagers can be placed as farmers or laborers. As with each building job, you can assign 4 farmers and workers and 1/3 of a pound.

The barn has a storage capacity of 250 kg, which is very small at first but will fill up quickly as the village grows. In the future, several buildings will need to be upgraded or constructed to keep up with storage demands. At 10 farming points, we are in the early stages of our Medieval Dynasty journey.

As with other industrial infrastructure, barn taxes must be paid year-round. The development will be paid annually from 3:00 AM to 60 coins if the development is developed.

The barn has a workbench for crafting, a quern for making flour, and a threshing floor for growing crops. Threshing produces grain from the cropproducingces a bit of Graw like any other animal, which can then be used to make animal feed and other items.

Barn Output

The barn, an organic farm building, can produce items needed for farming.

In the barn, you can use oats, rye, and straw to make animal feed. You want to get grain from the sea; Oats, Rye, and Wheat will give you one Grain and another, Strawincreasing your productivity; ng Grain and Feed will help you keep all your animals. Livestock and raw materials can be stored as needed.

Daub can also be made as wall insulation. Straw and clay are used for wall insulation; if you have Flax, you can make Flax Seed and Flax Stalk. Fertilizer is very important in agriculture. Fertilizers can be made with manure or rot.


Flour can be made from wheat, circle and oats using Quern. Each crop yields differently. Fiwheat grain seat will yield 10mL, but the same Oat or Rye grains yield only half that amount.

How do I build a barn?

Once you have acquired 10 digits of farming skills, you can build a barn. One or more of these buildings requires one of five pieces, each with its material specifications.

For the foundation, you will need 12 stones; for Framing, you will also need to build one with a 10-piece Log; the Wattle Wall is easy to build, as you only need to make one Log and eight Glue sticks. Thatch Roof requires 1 Log and 8 poles, and 6 units need to be made; the Wooden Interior, which only needs to be made once, requires 10 Logs.

This game is free and allows you to build a Barn. First, go to the building options and find the tab for agriculture. Choose the” Antenna ” option” and build your dinghy in the ideal location.

Once the thBarn’s construction is complete, it is time for the binger to come into play. For each wall of the Barn, you will need a hammer and 8 Daubs. So grab the hammer and use the “Add Insulation” mode to finish off.

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