The Hulk inspired God of War Thor Ragnarök

God of War Thor Ragnarök” is one of the most explosive video games of 2022. Focusing on Norse mythology, the game features iconic mythological figures such as Heimdall, Freya, Odin, and Thor.

Thor, in particular, is highly sought after due to his pivotal role in the game and his overall popularity in pop culture. Thor has many layers, both physical and spiritual.

So Variety sat down with scenario director Matt Sophos, art director Raf Grassetti, and voice actor Ryan Hurst to discuss how Sony Santa Monica approached the God of Thunder.

Generally, when people think of Thor, they think of Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Chris Hemsworth plays him.

There, he is benevolent, but in “God of War: Ragnarok,” he is portrayed as a ruthless killing machine. According to Sophos, this line of thinking fits the story the team was trying to tell.

“We’ve done all the reversals that Marvel has done, where the Aesir gods are all bad and the giants are all good,” he said, referring to the negative portrayal of Jotunheim’s ice giants in the MCU.

God of War Thor Norse mythology

Sophos continued, “Almost everything we know about , the gods were much grayer than many popular depictions, especially in the MCU.” He stated. He brings up Thor’s two goats, Tangrisnil and Tangunjorst.

In one story, Thor stays at a farmer’s house and is fed his goats. As long as there is nothing wrong with the goat’s bones, Thor is able to revive the goat without problems with his hammer, Mjolnir.

However, one of the children breaks a ham bone, and the revived goat is crippled in its hind legs. As punishment, Thor takes away the family’s two children and makes them his servants forever.

Hearst, who voiced the fearsome god in “Ragnarok,” said, “Oh, that’s actually how he approached me.” He said, “I want you to play Thor. What do you think of the goat?


Furthermore, “What if Thor had made a different choice? Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. If Kratos can try to be better, maybe Thor can try to be better.

Sophos is looking forward to seeing how players react to Thor in God of War Ragnarök, especially since Marvel already has high expectations. We want to surprise people with the unexpected, especially since Marvel already has high expectations.

He said, “but we realize that Thor in our game couldn’t be anything other than this. Ryan brings to life a character that tends to be one-note, and I’m so grateful to have Ryan come in and play this character.”

Hurst added, “I am very excited for people to finally be able to buy (this game) around the world.” He added.

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