How to Upgrade Weapons and Curiosity with Darktide Crafting

Warhammer 40K: Darktide's crafting system allows players to upgrade their best Darktide Weapons and Curiosity and unlock their potential...
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Developer Fatshark details the crafting system that allows players to upgrade. Their Weapons and Curiosity with new perks and blessings in the Warhammer 40K: Darktide co-op game

Warhammer 40K: Darktide’s crafting system allows players to upgrade their best Darktide Weapons and Curiosity and unlock. Their potential by adding new perks and blessings. If you want to stay ahead of the forces of chaos and gain an edge in this grimdark industrial fantasy game. You’ll want every advantage you can get.

Developer Fatshark outlines how the first part of the new crafting system. Introduced in Darktide, update 1.08 will work in the full release.


Fatshark’s new blog describes the five actions available at the Shrine of the Omnissiah crafting station on the Omnissiah. These five actions can be selected to consecrate an item. Obtain a blessing, combine blessings, re-bless a weapon, or refine an item. Each has its way of modifying the equipment or transferring the bonus to another item.

Consecration” is the most obvious upgrade tool, adding random perks. Blessings depend on the type of item and its new consecration level. With “Get Blessing,” you can pull a powerful blessing from an unwanted weapon and turn it into a “votive,” but the weapon is given away in the process.

Combine three votive items into one upgraded

Also, “Combine Blessings” allows you to combine three votive items into one upgraded votive, and Fatshark notes that most votives are currently capped at Tier 4, but there are exceptions. They are currently testing more permutations of combinations.

When you “re-bless” a weapon at a shrine, you can replace the blessing of the weapon with the blessing of the votive item from which it was extracted. You can also use “Item Refining” to reveal the “true nature” of the weapon or weapons.

Each time you perform this operation, one of the selected blessings is removed and replaced by a new randomly selected blessing. Items can be refined multiple times in search of the perfect roll, but the cost increases with each attempt.

No matter which class you play in Dark Tide, we recommend taking full advantage of Dark Tide’s crafting options to maximize your loadout upgrades.


The Dark Tide upgrade station, Shrine of the Omnissiah, is next to the Tech-Priest Hadron Omega-7-7 on Morningstar. Currently, you can try out the consecration with update 1.08, with other features to be implemented in future updates.

In advance of Darktide’s official release on November 30, please know that your progress in the Darktide beta will carry over to the official release, and PCGamesN will provide you with everything you need to know about Darktide penance and your preferred Darktide class in the We have a guide on the best way to load out.


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