How to unlock lady Dumitrescu mercenaries: Resident Evil Village


In addition to Chris Redfield, Heisenberg and lady Dumitrescu mercenaries have been added to the Resident Evil Village’s Mercenaries mode. Here is how to unlock them.

Besides Shadow of Roses, Resident Evil Village, Winters’ Expansion adds a lot of new content to the Mercenaries. Mercenaries is a unique arcade mode in which players try to achieve the best score; when Resident Evil Village was first released in 2021, there were four stages, and players could only play as Ethan Winters.

So when expanded content was added to Mercenaries, it made sense for Capcom to allow players to play as fan favorites as new characters. The three characters added are Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Alcina Dimitrescu. Chris is unlocked by default, but Heisenberg and Dimitrescu are not unlocked at the start. Here is how to unlock Heisenberg and Dimitrescu as playable characters.

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How to unlock Karl Heisenberg

Heisenberg is the easiest of the two characters to unlock. Players in “Resident Evil Village” only need to obtain an A rank in all six stages. With Chris as the playable character, it is much easier to obtain an A rank compared to Ethan. The reason for this is that Chris can use a very powerful gun from the beginning.

After clearing all six stages with an A rank or higher, a message will appear stating that Heisenberg has been unlocked.

How to unlock Alcina Dimistrescu

The last character, Alcina Dimitrescu, is a little more challenging than Heisenberg. To play as the infamous Lady Dimitrescu, you must achieve an S rank in The Bloody River, one of the new stages added in this expansion, which is quite challenging. With Chris and Heisenberg, you can more easily obtain an S rank.

Heisenberg’s Abilities

Unlike Ethan and Chris, Heisenberg and Dimitrescu do not use guns. Instead, they have unique abilities to defeat their enemies. Heisenberg’s primary means of attack is his hammer. Wielding the hammer is basic, and a long press of the button allows the user to smash the ground with the hammer. When damage is inflicted, electricity is stored in the hammer, which is then released in a slam attack.

In addition to melee attacks, Heisenberg can also perform two ranged attacks, one with a piece of metal and the other with a buzz saw. The longer the player charges these two attacks, the more damage they do. If the metal strip is upgraded between areas, the longer the charge time, the more bullets will be fired.


Heisenberg can also summon his minion, Soldat Jet, to rush at enemies and self-destruct when he hits a wall. This ability has a cooldown, so you will need to wait a bit after using it.

Finally, Heisenberg can generate a magnetic field, which can increase the damage to hammers, scrap, and buzz saws. The drawback, however, is that while the magnetic field is being generated, the speed of movement slows down. Once the magnetic field is generated, it can be released by tapping the same button.

Dimistrescu’s Abilities

Lady Dimistrescu is the tallest of the playable characters in Mercenaries and stands tall over her enemies. She is an unstoppable foe, slicing her enemies with her sharp claws. He has three different attacks that slice through enemies with his left hand, right hand, or both. It may also grab the enemy and slam him to the ground, inflicting deadly damage.

Besides her claws, Dimitrescu’s main mechanic is her thrill gauge. As players deal damage with her attacks, the thrill gauge gradually builds up. When the gauge turns red, Dimtrescu’s abilities do more damage, and she moves faster.

When the gauge is full, the player can call up a “daughter,” who will automatically attack nearby targets for even more damage. The gauge decreases as Dimitresque takes damage and flinches or as it spends more time not attacking other enemies.

In addition to melee attacks, Dimitrescu can unleash a swarm of flies to attack targets that are out of her range. Finally, Dimitrescu has the ability to throw a large, ornate basin at her enemies, dealing massive damage to all within range. This ability has a cooldown, which can be shortened by filling up the thrill gauge between areas or by upgrading the ability.


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