DBD new killer the Night Release Date and Chapter 26 Benefits Revealed

According to DBD new killer News, the reputable leaker will release Dead By Daylight's Chapter 26, Forged in Fog, on November 1, 2022...
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The release date for Dead By Daylight (DBD) new killer, Chapter 26, Forged In Fog, is fast approaching, and BeHaviour Interactive has revealed all the perks of its new DBD killer, The Knight.

It’s an exciting time to be a Dead By Daylight fan. In addition to all-new enemies, there is a new survivor named Vittorio and a new map called Shattered Square.

With the release date of Dead By Daylight Chapter 26 Forged In Fog fast approaching, BeHaviour Interactive has revealed all the perks of its new DBD killer, The Knight.

Dead By Daylight fans are living in exciting times. There are entirely new opponents, a new survivor named Vittorio, a new map called Shattered Square, and more. In the next update, players can slash people while wielding a giant sword.

Updates are right around the corner, and fans will soon be able to wield giant swords while killing people.

When is the new killer coming to DBD?

The release date and time for Dead By Daylight’s new killer, The Knight, is November 22 at 09:00 PT, 12:00 ET and 16:00 GMT.

All of the above dates and release times are from the countdown on the game’s official website. The above times are also shared on the DBDNews Discord.


Once Chapter 26, Forged In Fog, is released, it will be available for purchase from PSN, Microsoft, Steam, or Epic Games. This is a complete original episode, which implies that Chapter 27 will be licensed.

Dead By Daylight The Knight Perks

Below are all the perks of The Knight, the new Dead By Daylight killer for DBD Chapter 26, Forged In Fog.

No Place to Hide

Whenever you deal damage to a generator, it will reveal the auras of all survivors standing within 24 meters of your position for 3/4/5 seconds.

Hex: Face the Darkness

When this Hex is inactive, and you damage a survivor, Dull Totem lights up and gives that survivor a Hex. When this Hex is active, all other survivors outside your Terror radius can intermittently scream and show their position and aura for 2 seconds.

Other survivors also see the cursed survivor’s aura for 12/10/8 seconds.


Whenever you are stunned by a Survivor, that Survivor suffers the Exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds. The cooldown on Hubris is 20 seconds.


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