After a November that gave subscribers to the Fallout New Vegas gaming service, December will now explore the next two new titles that Amazon Prime Gaming can redeem.

According to a leak from the GG. Deals website Amazon Prime Gaming’s December offerings will satisfy both enthusiastic, no-frills multiplayer fans and even fans of more down-to-earth experiences that focus on stories and story scenes. Indeed, some of the games in the leaked information include the historic 1996 shooter Quakethe and the 2013 Starbreeze Studios (of Way Out and It Takes Two fame) adventure Brothers: the Sons of the touching,” an adventure from Starbreeze Studios (of Way Out and It Takes Two fame) released in 2013.

Here’s the full list of titles that will be available for free with Amazon Prime Gaming subscriptions in December

Quake Two Sisters is the story of three sisters. Spinch Doorways Paradox, The Banner of Doom, is a flock of tires.

The official announcement from Amazon won’t be too long, and we advise that the free games list won’t begin until December. If it is a definitive list, the new titles are happy with the service.

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