How to Solicit “Chrono Cross” Kid

Perhaps one of the most important characters in Chrono Cross, and perhaps the most important character in terms of who she ultimately becomes, Kid devotes a great deal of screen time.

She is the most developed character at the party, and the game’s development revolves around her. In “Chrono Cross Kid,” Kidd is almost an optional character and should be avoided at all costs.

This guide will show you how to recruit Kid in “Chrono Cross.” We will also show you how not to recruit Kidd if you don’t want him to join your group.

Encounter 1 “Cape Howl

Aside from Serge, Kid, and another random party member at Fort Dragonia early in the game, the first encounter with Kid is at Cape Howl in Another World. The Kid shows up to help Karsh, Salt, and Pepper and temporarily joins Serge in fighting them.

When they get rid of the three, the Kid says that he is looking for a traveling companion, and it turns out that the two have similar goals. If you agree here, the Kid will join you for a while. Whether or not you choose to join Kid, do not join him at Cape Howl. If you do, Leena will be removed from your party members. If you do not have Kid, Leena will join you after the events at Cape Howl.

Meeting 2 “Termina

If you did not meet Kid at Cape Howl, you could meet him at the entrance to Termina. When he sees Leena with Serge, he immediately gets angry and leaves.

How to Solicit "Chrono Cross" Kid
(Image Credit: Square Enix. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition)

The Kid will reappear north of the first screen in Termina if you examine the statue of General Viper.

If you do not accept the Kid offer, she will send you away and leave. In Viper Manor, you can meet her immediately as she will help you escape a trap in the cage or follow behind you.

Whether the Kid is in your party or not, Viper Manor ends the same way, with the Kid getting hit with a poison dagger. When you meet him again in Galdoba, he is down and will remain bedridden until someone heals him.

Meeting 3 – Guldove

When the Kid is stuck in Doc’s clinic and getting closer and closer to death, Serge is faced with a choice. Kulcha asks him if he thinks the Kid will not survive. The answer will determine how the game unfolds.

If he answers twice that the Kid will not be saved, Kolcha will run away. Since no one seems to be able to save the Kid, you will have to leave the Gardaba and return to the mainland to continue the story. Along the way, you will be able to recruit Macha, Glen, and Doc.

However, if you insist on helping the Kid at all costs, Kolcha will recognize the need to do so. Once you have the Astral Amulet at Opassa Beach, you can return to Serge’s home world.

How to Solicit "Chrono Cross" Kid
(Image Credit: Square Enix. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition)

Go to the Hydra Swamp and collect the “Hydra Humor” by defeating the Hydra. This will cure the Kid. Along the way, you can join Kolcha, Mel, and Rasley.

Hydra Humor in Another World

If you give Doc the Hydra Humor in Another World, the Kid will be cured, and you can see him again shortly after that. If the Kid does not survive, he can return to Gardova after the Ghost attacks the Invincible.

The Kid has recovered thanks to his mysterious benefactor and will either join the party or rejoin it. Here, there is no option to return to Galdoba. The Kid automatically becomes a member of the party.

How to Solicit "Chrono Cross" Kid
(Image Credit: Square Enix. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition)

Decide not to treat the Kid and still want to skip it? There is a way. You don’t have to go back to Galdoba. You don’t have to go to Water Dragon; you can go to Fort Dragonia via Mt. Pyre. It is a pain to go through the lava, but you will not die unless you get into a battle. The Kid will show up at the grand finale of Fort Dragonia, whether you bring him or not.

Hermit’s Lair

After Fort Dragonia, Serge’s entire party leaves Serge and Lynx becomes the protagonist. At that point, the Kid still shows up sometimes, but he is no longer an ally. Eventually, the Kid goes into a coma and is left behind in Hermit’s Lair in Another World.

After clearing Chronopolis, near the end of Chrono Cross, when Serge is back in the driver’s seat, they return to Hermit’s Lair. Here you can help the Kid face his past with Lynx and recover from his coma. Once the Kid has faced his past with Lynx and recovered from his coma, he will rejoin the party and become more involved in the endgame than a normal party member.


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