Today Wordle Answer and hits #611: Monday, 20 Feb 2023

So, let’s try to answer the Wordle questions for today, February 20.

The objective of Wordle is to guess the five-letter word or less six times or less each day. If you fail to guess at all, your winning streak will be broken.

Start the week with Wordle, just scroll or click for today’s answer; Wordle tips for February 20 (611) are below this, as well as tips, guides, and general help.

Today’s Wordle was technically easy and many letters appeared in the right place very early on. But for some odd reason, I decided to avoid the answer and pick a word no one would use as my first guess. Someday I will start looking for the correct answer, but not today.

Wordle hint for Monday, February 20

Today’s answer means “to SWEAT.” This often happens after exercise or other physical activity, but it can also happen when you are deeply tense or worried. Today you need to find two vowel sounds.

Wordle Help. 3 Tips for Winning on Wordle Every Day

If you’ve decided to play Wordle but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help you pave the way to your first winning streak. Make every guess count and become a Wordle winner with these simple tips.


  • A mixture of commonly used vowels and consonants is a good choice.
  • Answers may contain the same letter used repeatedly.
  • Avoid words that contain letters you have already eliminated.

You are not racing against time, so there is no need to rush. Rather, it is not a bad idea to tackle the puzzle casually, like a newspaper crossword, and come back to it if you are at a loss for an answer. Sometimes, a new perspective can emerge by taking a break for a while.

Answers to the last 10 Wordle

Answers to past Wordle puzzles help eliminate the guesswork in today’s Wordle puzzles. Also, thinking about the words you will be asked can help keep your daily puzzles fresh.

Here are some recent Wordle responses.

February 19: KIOSK
February 18: AVAIL
February 17: CACHE
February 16: MAGIC
February 15: SALSA

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