A Major Winston Twist has already been hinted at in “John Wick 4

Surprisingly, Winston seems to be on John’s side in “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and Winston’s intentions are already indicated in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

John Wick seems to join forces with Winston in “John Wick: Chapter 4” and already hinted at it in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”. Since avenging the murder of his beloved dog in the first “John Wick,” the legendary Baba Yaga has been fighting an increasingly desperate battle to return to his former life away from assassins. In “John Wick 4,” it all comes down to John (Keanu Reeves) and Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) facing off against the forces of the High Table.

John and Bowery King made a pact at the end of “John Wick 3”. It looked like John’s old friend Winston (Ian McShane) was going to kill John to maintain the support of the Elders and the High Table, but John ended up surviving; the ending of “John Wick 3” was a cliffhanger.

So it is possible that John in “John Wick 4 The idea of having Winston as an ally in some way would seem far-fetched at best. However, the groundwork for the pairing of the two, as foretold in the trailer for “John Wick 4,” is well underway.

Winston did not kill John in “John Wick 3” (but could have)

In “John Wick 3,” the High Table adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon) agrees to make peace with Winston and the continent but asks what to do with John himself, who refuses to follow the High Table’s orders and kill Winston. After hesitation, Winston says, “Oh, he must die,” and shoots John in the torso, causing him to fall from the roof. However, Winston’s choice to shoot John’s armoured torso leads some to believe that Winston was not trying to kill John.

Winston could have easily shot him in the head if he had wanted to ensure John’s elimination. Indeed, Winston’s operation seems to have been a veritable Hail Mary. There was no way to be certain that John would survive the fall, but it is possible that John and Winston worked out the plan together off-screen. In any case, the fact that John left open the possibility of his survival means that Winston intended to keep John alive all along.

Why Winston might team up with John

Since John and Winston have been friends for many years, Winston may secretly pull strings to help John and Bowery King fight at the high table. Winston had previously been impressed with John’s ability to lead a normal life after retirement. He also convinced John to come and kill Winston and unite against the High Table.


Considering how John has struggled since his wife’s death, Winston could be John’s greatest ally in his attempt to regain his freedom. If that is their common goal, it makes more sense for Winston to cover his tracks by making it look like he was trying to kill John.

The guidance Winston provides in the trailer for “John Wick 4” also shows his importance to the escape route John could have a role in the story. Given that John and Winston seem to have hit it off in “John Wick: Chapter 4,” they may continue their alliance in the spin-off “Ballerina” (which may replace “John Wick 5”).

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