Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Ranking the Best Hero Cards

When it comes to placing the best Heroic cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, these examples are just about the best.

Some gamers were sceptical when they learned that Marvel’s Midnight Suns implements the classic turn-based gameplay in games such as XCOM. However, once they experienced the actual gameplay, they realized how excellent the game was, despite its many flaws. Additionally, many gamers enjoy creating their own personal team of heroes with unique card decks.

And while attack and skill cards are important for players to use during a match, hero cards are the cards that can win matches. And in “Marvel’s Midnight Suns,” dozens of “hero cards” correspond to heroes. So players who want to be sure of winning will want to know which Heroic Cards rank high in 2K’s Midnight Suns.

Chaos Reigns – Scarlet Witch

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In “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” Marvel fans saw just how powerful (and chaotic) the Scarlet Witch can be. And in “Marvel’s Midnight Suns,” Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with, especially with the right hero card. For example, Scarlet Witch’s Detonate+ heroic card creates explosions and deals significant AOE damage while protecting her and her allies.


However, another top-level Heroic Card that players should use in Scarlet Witch’s deck is Chaos Reigns. This Heroic Card forces enemies to fight each other and attack only once. And if the player succeeds in mod Chaos Reigns, there is a 50% chance of a second attack. This card is a great hero for quickly eliminating minor enemy units, especially considering that it only costs 3 hero points.

Guarding Strike – The Hunter

Some gamers were sceptical when they learned that Marvel's Midnight Suns implements
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Whether a player chooses the dark or light path, the Hunter is one of the most important and powerful heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. As such, the Hunter is often part of the main team, and players will want to use the best heroic cards (of which there are many). Of these, however, Guarding Strike is probably the most effective, as it provides a block (10% HP) every turn while a Heroic Card is on hand.

However, if the player is in a pinch, Guarding Strike can be used to give enemy units 150% more attack power (this value is based on The Hunters’ base attack power). However, the Guarding Strike must first be modified to unlock that special ability. This hero card is associated with Power Alignment but can be used in any Hunter deck.

Infernal Spider – Spider-Man

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Spider-Man is one of the most damaging heroes in 2K’s Midnight Suns and definitely shows his power, especially when he uses his environment against the enemy team. Unfortunately, all of his cards (skills, heroes, and attacks) consume Heroic Points, so players must manage their points carefully if they want to maximize the power of the friendly Spider-Man.

And one of the most efficient ways to manage heroic points is to use the Infernal Spider hero card. Once used, the next three Spider cards are free, meaning they do not cost Heroic Points. Therefore, players can build Spider-Man decks that consume a lot of Heroic Points without worrying too much about Heroic Points. However, the Infernal Spider consumes 4 Heroic Points, so players must accumulate Heroic Points before using it.

Rampage – The Hulk

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Despite its late-game introduction, The Hulk quickly becomes an important tank, helping players control the battlefield with Taunts. But in addition to being an effective tank, The Hulk’s passive ability (Rage) allows him to increase his attack power with each attack that targets him.

And to take full advantage of The Hulk’s taunt, players will want to edit their hero decks to include more taunt cards. This is because these cards allow the Hulk to chain the enemy three times (or three times one) while the Hulk gains the Taunt. This allows the player to have enemy units attack the Hulk three times, increasing the Hulk’s Rage Meter. Once the Rage Meter is full, the player can unleash the “Seismic Slam” or “World Breaker”.

Reinforcement – Magik

Some gamers were sceptical when they learned that Marvel's Midnight Suns implements

Majik is one of the few heroes in Marvel’s “Midnight Suns” who can effectively reposition the battlefield through the Limbo Portal. However, Majik is more than just a rearranging mutant, as he can also enlist the help of his fellow heroes. Unlike other hero and skill cards, however, Majik can summon heroes not on his team with the help of enhancements.

In other words, a player can summon a hero who is not on his team, someone from the monastery. For example, if a player’s team consists of The Hunter, Blade, and Captain Marvel, he can summon Ghost Rider for one turn. On top of that, players can draw two cards of the summoned hero and use them before they disappear. Thus, the best hero card in “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” is “Reinforcements,” which can add a fourth member to the team at a moment’s notice.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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