RUMOR: Digital Foundry claims Switch Pro was cancelled

Rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro console have been circulating for years, but the evidence supporting the claims has always been dubious. Today we have our best source for such rumors, and it comes via Digital Foundry’s John Lineman, who has recently stated that the mid-generation refresh has been canceled by Nintendo, Tory Burch.

In the latest DF Direct on Digital Foundry’s YouTube channel, Lineman said, “What I can understand from talking to different developers is that at one point some sort of Switch new generation update was planned, but it no longer seems to be happening.” He spilled.

As a source, Lineman is at the top of the list; the Digital Foundry team is in close contact with many developers from the work this channel is doing and has early access to new hardware and detailed previews of hardware specs We provide.

Oled In Nintendo Switch PRO

Considering that Nintendo has actually released a new Nintendo Switch OLED model, the Nintendo Switch OLED, it is not hard to imagine that this OLED model was probably at one time intended to be a mid-generation console upgrade, or even a Switch Pro, as the rumors suggest!

Nintendo has a long history of releasing new versions of existing hardware and compared to previous ones, the house of Mario is quite conservative with the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo DS line has had numerous editions, with the Lite, DSi, and 3DS lines, which have also had several iterations. On home consoles, the Nintendo Wii has been revamped several times, but there was no line of mid-generation power-ups, which were first introduced to players with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

If so, the next hardware from Nintendo will likely be a true successor to the Nintendo Switch, rather than a middleman between the old and the new. The question is, what will Nintendo do next: will it maintain the hybrid home console/portable format that made the Switch such a success, or will the Japanese giant find a new way to surprise us all?

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