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2023 Preview: will Street Fighter 6 satisfy nostalgic fans and “casual” players?

Street Fighter 6 game fans are sure to show up on day one, and whether they fall in love with the new mechanics or prefer the previous installments, Capcom seems to have guaranteed sales.

Interestingly, however, “Street Fighter 6” seems to be targeting people who have not played “Street Fighter V” as much as those who have played “Street Fighter V.”

Of course, the most obvious example is that Xbox users are no longer excluded from this fight. While making Street Fighter V a PlayStation and PC exclusive raised eyebrows, the sixth title is now available to Xbox Series X/S users, allowing Team Microsoft fans to join the fight again.


The format, however, is different. More noteworthy is that Capcom is appealing to more than just “Street Fighter” fans: in the early 90s, “Street Fighter II” was a must-play title in arcades worldwide. There may have been a “hardcore” scene back then, but it was equally popular with “casual” players.

Even if you are not a fighting game fan, you probably have many memories of going to the arcade, putting coins into a “Street Fighter II” machine, and mindlessly playing against your friends and family with a series of button presses. Those days are long gone, partly due to the decline of arcades but also due to the increasing complexity of the series.

Street Fighter V

Back then, there were energy bars, blocks, special moves, and nothing else. That changed with Street Fighter V, which added EX Gauge, V Gauge, Critical Arts, V Skill, V Reversal, V Trigger, Stun Meter, and V Shift. It’s a far cry from picking Chun-Li and hitting the kick button repeatedly.

To bring those players back, Capcom has added three new control schemes to “Street Fighter 6”: the first is the traditional six-button system, with classic Street Fighter commands such as quarter circle, half circle, and charge to execute special moves.

The second is a new “modern” control scheme in which special moves are performed by pressing a single button and a specific direction. If “Street Fighter” could be played like “Super Smash Bros.”, we believe it would be designed for people who play “Street Fighter” regularly but have been playing “Street Fighter” for a while and find it tedious to learn all the commands for special moves.


Finally, the “dynamic” control scheme was just released in November. This is aimed at those new to “Street Fighter II” and is content to hit a bunch of buttons.

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