List of leaked free games in the Epic Games Store for December 2022

The Epic Games Store is known for its weekly free game giveaway for all customers. The games are accessible to all users of Epic’s marketplace and can be claimed and kept forever with a valid Epic Games ID.

Today we will discuss all the games available for purchase now or will be available soon. We will also examine the leaked games that will be available this month.

Epic offers 15 free games to its users, one of which is released daily. Here is a list of all free games available on Epic Games and the leaked games scheduled for release in December 2022.


Epic Game Store Free Mystery Games List for December 2022

  • December 15th – Bloons TD6
  • December 16 – Horizon Chase Turbo
  • December 17 – Costume Quest 2
  • December 18th – Sable
  • December 19th – Them’s Fightin’ Herds
  • December 20th – Wolftenstein The New Order
  • December 21 – A Lego game
  • December 22 – Fall out 1, 2, and tactics
  • December 23 – Encased – LEAKED
  • December 24 – Metro Last Light Redux
  • December 25 – Death Stranding Directors Cut
  • December 26th – F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch
  • December 28 – Assassins Creed Origins

Each game will be free for one day, then replaced by another, and every day through December 29. A surprise game will be offered for free in the Epic Games Store. In addition, the Epic Store is currently offering its annual Christmas Sale through January 5, 2023, with discounts of up to 75%.

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