News tip Mario the Rabbids Sparks of Hope: first Nintendos Switch

News tip Mario the Rabbids Sparks of Hope: Our complete tutorial, so you don’t miss anything from the exclusive Nintendo Switch!

Our favorite Mario characters and the lovable but silly Rabbids are back this years as Sparks of Hope & Mario + the Rabbids. In this crazy adventure, you must find everything in the universe to restore balance and defeat Casa. Did you get this game for Christmas? Well done, because we give you all the advice we give to overcome the different challenges this game offers.

After a very successful first op, Mario and the Rabbids return to our screens and offer new adventures. This new title, Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope, will take you on a dream adventure to defeat an evil entity called Casa and save an adorable companion: Sparks. But the path ahead is not without pitfalls.

To answer all the questions that Mario + Rabbids Hope Sparks offers, we provide a list of guides for all games so you can find all the answers.

Tips and Tricks for the Next Steps Peach Castle Bright CourseTrain Perfect PeakSprime PaletteTerra FloraDesperado CanyonCrusafortressSparks MissionsSparks ExciteSparks and Sparks ExcursionsPerfect Peak Speech Castle Bright Course Trine Perfect Peak Supreme Palette Terra Puntal Terra Blora Blada Fortress Moses, Town Sparks and Cures.


A Guide for Startups We all need to know all the basics.

Did you get ecstatic with “Mario + Rabbids” and don’t know where to start? Are you struggling with the combat system and how to use Sparks? Don’t worry; this article has all the basic advice you need to get started playing.

Our complete solution is ours

You will travel from world to world to help iconic characters from the Mario universe. There are six of them and several challenges that you will have to overcome to restore peace. There are still many smaller challenges and demons to be faced.

Chateau de Peach

The game starts in front of the Chateau de Peach. Mario the rabbit, which is probably a real person by his overalls, is hidden in the forest. It would help if you always kept an eye on his habits.

Bright coastline

Misty, confusing shadows surround the bright sea, and many bob-bombs are in your way, preventing you from getting things done. If you have trouble with your quest or boss, look to this once-prosperous world.

Perfected Peaks

After you have resolved everything on the Shining Coastline, switch the biome to Perfect Peaks. Without exception, these snow-capped mountains suffer most from seed-spewing tentacles. Are you trying to beat Midnight, or are you looking for all the sparks? We do not want to solve this problem.


Defeat Minuit, and you will be able to go to another world. PALETTE PRIME. This once-rich autumn forest is easily contaminated by river poisons and will soon revert to a sinister forest. Are you in trouble? That’s fine; we have all the means to save this world.

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