The Witcher 3 The Mask is a real must-have upgrade for the next-gen consoles

Sure, “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt” is an impressive next-generation upgrade, but is there Jim Carrey as the mask?
So far, the answer is no. Randy Savage is also strangely absent from The Witcher 3, despite being a regular modeler. But thanks to Youtuber eli_handle_b․wav, we see the green-faced men roaming, nay, overrunning this open-world RPG.

Having previously worked on such masterpieces as “Austin Powers in Mass Effect,” they have once again pulled characters from their respective films and inserted them into the game. You may feel uncomfortable with the fusion of live-action and video game footage, but you should be so engrossed in grinning that you won’t mind too much.


Green screen footage and large studios were necessary for the past to accomplish such feats. However, technological advances have also introduced tools that remove the background from the footage, leaving only the characters. In this case, the mask got a little too excited about the bard (not you, dandelion) and used its flexibility to grab a spell or two and… well, you’ll see the rest.

Live-action and video game footage

Sure, it’s more passive than the actual mods and such. But no matter how great the next-gen update to “The Witcher 3” is, I doubt it can handle Jim Carrey’s real-time roar. It may be possible once quantum computers become commonplace in homes, but it is beyond humanity’s reach for now.

The next-gen update for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is marked as patch 4.0. After updating the game, you will be playing this version.

This update will significantly improve the visuals on all modern platforms; a few specific changes only pertain to one or a few platforms. All of them are described below.

Environmental Changes and Upgrades

No matter which platform you play on, the next-generation update will make the game look much better and more modern. Improvements include improved grass, and nearly all foliage assets have been reworked. Most of the textures have also been changed and upgraded to higher resolutions.

Several player-created mods have been integrated into the game. This benefits console player who do not have access to all the great mods that PC players can install and play.

One of the best mods for The Witcher 3 is the HD Reworked project. This has now been integrated into the game by the developers. Many places that had normal maps now display realistic 3D objects. For example, the cobblestones of Novigrad are a good example.

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