Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 9 introduces a paladin with a hidden subclass

The latest Panel From Hell revealed the new Paladin class for Baldur’s Gate Patch 9.

Baldur’s Gate Patch 9 introduces the new Paladin class to Larian’s Early Access RPG game. Paladin characters will delve into the strength of their oath to stand on the side of good, and all characters will be able to advance to level 5, an important milestone in D&D character development.

On the surface, the Paladin is an archetype we are all familiar with, a fierce melee combatant with strong support and healing abilities. Paladins are dedicated to goodness and have two subclasses. The Oath of Devotion allows the paladin to grant his allies an aura of vengeance, allowing them to return 1d4 radiant damage against melee attacks.

The paladin may also use the Divine Smite ability during melee attacks. This consumes a spell slot and adds radiant damage to normal melee damage.

However, not all paladins can keep their promises, and there is a hidden “Oathbreaker” subclass for such characters. Becoming an Oathbreaker has unique advantages and disadvantages, and those who choose this path will be able to either attempt redemption or embrace the dark side.

Patch 9

Patch 9 also opens up character level 5, and all classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 have been significantly enhanced. For example, this is the level at which Mages learn Fireball; if you’ve played “Divinity: Original Sin 2,” you’ll know how much Larian loves Fireball.

Also announced at the December 14 Panel from Hell was that Matthew Mercer of Critical Role will voice Minsc, the character from the original Baldur’s Gate who was revealed to be returning to the series in a trailer shown at The Game Awards The update will also feature the voice of Reaction, a character from the original Baldur’s Gate.

The update will also feature a revamped reaction system (sometimes referred to as opportunity attacks in paper-based role-playing systems). With this revamp, Baldur’s Gate 3 characters will be able to choose whether or not to use reactions rather than automatically activating them each time.

They will also be able to use “fly” spells both in and out of combat, which, according to Larian, will serve their intended purpose, such as reaching treasures and clues that are out of reach or throwing themselves above the battlefield to avoid enemy melee attacks.

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