The initial debate about Genshin 2.8 made gamers use one of the elements that would have been central from that moment on. After two years in the countryside, after the areas of Mondostadt, Inazuma and Rühe began to exist, now you can just explore new lands.

Tayvat is a desert and tropical land with lots of tandia to be borne by dendro elements, and the previously non-existent Sumeru area has been expanded. The new Genshin Impact Boost update is gradually evolving and expanding this increasingly richer region with quests and characters as well as the next playable characters. It is Nilou that is the first addition to the Genshin Impact.

October 14, 2022, was the day Nilou was declared a playable character, making him one of the first to belong to Smel. She will not be the only one, as Yao Yao and Arheisam will be introduced in future updates, but in the meantime, players can feel free to use their own and see the synergy in the group. The red-haired girl looks like an arabesque dancer wearing a blue and white veil, similar to No. Rather’s flower and fog version.

With this dress in mind, Nilou’s cosplay, sucked in by Chinese cosplayers, is much more mature and elegant than that of Genxin Impact. Does this look like a seductive shot? While we’re on pleasure, here’s Liyue’s Ning Guang cosplay.

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