The War Thunder game is getting an update that includes drones

Attention all commanders. Another major update has arrived for the legendary military MMO War Thunder. This update brings more modern hardware to the battlefield in addition to the usual vehicle additions that fans have come to expect with every update.

Modern warfare fans will be happy to know that War Thunder has entered the drone age with its latest major update. As uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), first developed in the late 20th century. Are now an essential tactical unit for modern armies. Drones are used for surveillance and attacks on enemy targets; drones add a new layer of strategy to the battlefield.

But in addition to drones, this update also introduces ships, tanks, and jets for air, land, and sea dominance. In addition, the graphics have been updated to give every battle more detail. So let’s take a look at the details of War Thunder’s Drone Age update and some of the additions you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Drone Drop

Reconnaissance drones are available for “light tank” class vehicles of ranks VI to VII as a researchable modification. Allowing commanders to scout enemy vehicles during combat. However, UAVs can be shot down, so care must be taken when deploying them. However, since UAVs are about the size of a large bird. They cannot be detected unless the opponent has the eyes of a cormorant or a hawk.


Attack drones have been added to Real Battle, and they can participate in the battle in exchange for respawn points. Three types of attack drones are now available and are equipped with anti-tank guided missiles to defeat opponents. Who have taken up positions or are positioned in the area.

The UAVs have all the physical parameters, damage models, and flight models to be deployed in various realistic scenarios. Both reconnaissance and attack aircraft will be equipped with target cameras. Allowing them to view areas of interest from a distance.

New Vehicles

Drones aren’t the only vehicles coming in the Drone Age update. Developer Gaijin Entertainment is also introducing a new set of vehicles, including one of the most requested vehicles, the Skink. This experimental Canadian tank is the perfect vehicle to protect your allies from air attacks in World War II combat.

Also new is the VK 30.02(M), a prototype of the early German Panther tank with excellent mobility and a powerful 75mm gun. This medium-sized unit compensates for its poor defensive capabilities with the speed. That allows it to run across the battlefield and evade enemy fire.


Also new is the VK 30.02(M), a prototype of the early German Panther tank with excellent mobility and a powerful 75mm gun. This medium-size unit can run around the battlefield and evade enemy fire to compensate for its poor defensive capabilities.

Airborne units will use the Sukhoi Su-25 Strike Jet. This aircraft is equipped with a 30mm GSH-2-30 rapid-fire cannon with 250 rounds of ammunition, including armor-piercing rounds, ideal for destroying armored vehicles and helicopters.

Also added will be the Mirage 2000 S5, France’s newest fighter jet capable of supersonic flight, and the Harrier II GR.7, an adaptation of the Royal Air Force’s famous jump jet.

Graphics Improvements

Major updates to War Thunder have not come without graphical improvements. The “Drone Age” update improves the effects of damaged and destroyed vehicles, making explosions more realistic than ever. New details can be seen when a vehicle explodes, such as detached external equipment flying apart.

In addition, fuel can be ignited, and airplanes can crash with flames. In addition, the hit camera and impact effects have been improved, which will be useful for analyzing kill cams and planning future combat strategies.

The “Drone Age” update is available now, and if you’re new to War Thunder, now is a great time to get involved – visit to learn how to download and play for free.

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