Rick Sanchez is about to enter the multiverse

New in-engine cinematics? Check Mr Mee Six comically killed? Check That means that Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty is finally confirmed as the next playable fighter in MultiVersus.

Rick Sanchez was announced at San Diego Comic-Con to be in the game along with his grandson Morty. Still, many players were surprised that it took two months for this nihilistic inventor to appear in the game.

Morty was the first character added in Season 1, and after a brief delay, he was added on August 23. Fans speculated that Rick would be added shortly after that. Now, a month later, we finally know that he is almost done.

According to MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh, Rick will be released “very soon.” However, since Player First Games often updates on Tuesdays, it will probably be early next week.


This is also the first time PFG has released a cinematic video of one of the new fighters. Using assets that appear to be completely in-engine. While the visuals pale compared to the game’s official trailer. In the short teaser for Gizmo and Stripe, it is still fun to see the characters interact differently.

As for Rick, it looks like there will be a developer showcase before launch, so we should soon learn more about how his move set works and what gadgets he brings to the battlefield, along with his trusty portal gun.

We also know that the next patch for MultiVersus, which will be released at the same time as Rick, will be substantial, as the team has been working “heads down” for some time now. This means additional modifications to game systems, new features, or significant balance adjustments could be added.

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