The composer of Death Stranding, Ryan Karazija, has passed away at the age of 40

Death Stranding Ryan Karazija would never have been created without his songs,” said Hideo Kojima.

Ryan Karazija, a central figure in the group Low Roar and the musician responsible for much of Death Stranding’s idiosyncratic soundscape, died at 40. The news was announced on the band’s Instagram page with the following post.

“Ryan Karazija, the frontman and driving force behind Low Roar, passed away at 40.

“The beautiful music and lyrics sung by his haunting voice touched the lives of many people worldwide and will continue to do so. He was a kind and beautiful soul. His loss has shattered our world.

May we honor his memory through his art and hold him forever in our songs.”

Death Stranding was music to my ears.

The Death Stranding soundtrack is composed by both Ludvig Forssell and Ryan Karazija, founder and lead singer of Low Roar.

In Death Stranding, you play Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus.

In Death Stranding, you play Sam Porter Bridges. Played by Norman Reedus, a lone courier trying to find his way in a disconnected and broken world.

Karadžija spent the early part of his life and career in California. Fronting the band Audrye Sessions from 2002 to 2010. Before moving to Iceland and Reykjavik, where he started Low Roar. Initially a solo project, Low Roar released its eponymous debut in 2011. Has released five albums to date, with a sixth to be released posthumously.


The band music in a Reykjavik record store

Low Roar was not a huge commercial success. But video game designer Hideo Kojima stumbled upon the band’s music in a Reykjavik record store. Kojima recognized that this was fascinating, sometimes dissonant. Oddly composed music captured something of the essence of the mood of Death Stranding.

Kojima responded to the news by commenting on social media without Karadžija’s contribution. Death Stranding” would not have been created.

“Ryan’s songs are sensual,” Kojima told Rolling Stone magazine in 2016, “and the sounds he creates are unique.” His aim is not about making money, but about art, and even something like an album cover shows a very original flair.”

Death Stranding is a game of moments. Long moments of solitude are eventually broken by a distant view or a sense of accomplishment that is within reach. These moments are almost without exception, soundtracked by Low Roar, who provides 18 of the 22 tracks on the soundtrack, songs that seem to symbolize Sam’s inner life. Few games use such a music track and thereby create such an effect.

Interestingly, because “Death Stranding” was a top-secret project, when Kojima approached Low Roar about using the music, Sony did not tell him what it needed.

Ryan Karadzija brings Death Stranding to life

However, when I felt alone, I felt less alone when the soundtrack of Death Stranding played while I was exploring.

Furthermore, I felt a sense of security knowing that no matter what crisis I faced, someone had my back. We walked together.

That is the power of the “Death Stranding” soundtrack, thanks to Ludvig Forssell and, of course, the late Ryan Karazija.

“Sony contacted me in an obscure email offering a certain amount of money to use the song ‘I’ll Keep Coming,’ but they wouldn’t tell me what they were going to use the song for,” Karazija told VG247 in 2020.” We accepted it because we were rattled at the time. And it turned out to be for Death Stranding.”

The use of Low Roar’s music for Death Stranding helped the band find an important new audience, and they went on tour.

The band later announced that Karazija had died of complications from pneumonia; Low Roar’s statement concluded that work on their sixth album had already begun and “will be completed and released as soon as it is ready.” Please respect his family’s privacy during this incredibly difficult time.”

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