The best armor in God of War Ragnarok armor sets and how to get them

The best armor God of War Ragnarok sets for Strength and Defense, the overall best armor sets for players to choose from, and how to get...
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The best armor sets in “God of War Ragnarok” offer solid stats and a variety of abilities to create a powerful build for Kratos. Whether it is a defensive Steinbjorn set or a powerful Berserker set. In God of War Ragnarok.

The builds are more heavily weighted than in previous titles. The choice of armor is arguably one of the most important elements due to the unique perks that a set offers.

However, it will depend on personal preferences and what you are trying to achieve. A certain armor set may not fit your play style or what you are trying to fight for. So, we’ve picked out the best armor sets for the early, mid, and endgame options.

The best armor sets for Strength and Defense and the overall best armor sets for players to choose from. As well as how to get all the best armor sets for “God of War Ragnarok.” Here’s how to get all the best armor sets for “God of War Ragnarok.”

Best God of War Ragnarok Armor Sets

Armor comes in many forms, and one set usually has very specific functions and synergies. For example, in Lunda’s set, the chest piece provides a poison effect to Kratos’ unarmed attacks. While the wrist and hip pieces increase the damage done to poisoned enemies.

  • Best overall/late-game armor – Berserker Armor
  • Best early-game armor – Nidavellir Armor
  • Best mid-game armor – Lunda’s Armor
  • Best defensive armor – Steinbjorn Armor
  • Best offensive armor – Guiding Light Armor

Therefore, combining different sets of armor rarely works as well together as the same set of armor. In fact, the importance of armor synergy and specific builds is so important that it is part of God of War Ragnarok’s tips page.

Therefore, the best armor sets, with options for each stage and specific build in the game, are highlighted below.

Perks and Power The Berserker armor set is arguable. The best armor set in the game as it is Kratos’ overall powerhouse, especially in Strength and Defense. As for perks, the Berserker set gains a temporary increase in melee damage after Kratos uses it. His Relic ability also receives an increase in damage at the same time.


In addition, hitting an enemy generates a Soul Explosion with a low luck chance, while taking, blocking, and parrying damage all generate a Soul Explosion with a medium luck chance. These Soul Explosions are very good because they deal damage and restore some of the cooldown timers of the Relic currently equipped, allowing for more frequent use of very powerful abilities.

Powerful Relic with 12 ghost swords

However, while this can be used on any Relic, the Berserker set is intended to be combined with Hilt of Skofnung – a ridiculously powerful Relic with 12 ghost swords that will completely unleash against all enemies unlucky enough to be nearby.

The major drawback of the Berserker armor set is that it is available later in the game. Many of the Berserkers are really tough to fight, and you won’t be able to defeat them and get the armor until you are almost fully leveled up. I would love to see a “New Game +” mode added to God of War Ragnarok, but this is the perfect armor set for such a challenge.

HOW TO GET IT To get the powerful armor set and the Relic, you must overcome a very tough ordeal. To obtain the Berserker armor, you must defeat the Berserkers at the Berserker tombstones throughout the realm.

However, this is highly recommended, as the last Berserker in the “Tomb of the Kings” in Midgard must be defeated to obtain the “Hilt of Skofnung Relic.”


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