Genshin Impact 3.2 Spiral Abyss usage rate reveals the most popular team comps.

The second half of the new “Genshikai Ibunroku” 3.2 has become more challenging for many people. Therefore, some players may have organized their strongest teams to clear all the floors.

Players who have not yet cleared the floor will want to know which teams are effective in this new phase of the “Spiral Abyss”. Fortunately, a Reddit user has compiled statistics showing the most used formations and their usage rates. Players can use this data to clear difficult floors and create their own teams based on the characters they possess.

In the following article, you will learn everything important about the most used teams in the new “Spiral Abyss,” the newest edition of the “Phantom of the Phantom.”

Note: This data is from a sample of 60,000 people and does not necessarily reflect all possible combinations that may be used in “Spiral Abyss”.

Genshin Impact 3.2: Statistics reveal the most popular teams for Spiral Abyss

The recent Spiral Abyss reset has updated the enemy lineup, making it one of the most challenging versions of Spiral Abyss the community is currently facing. Many in the community are experimenting with teaming up against tricky enemies and challenges.

The above Reddit post, shared on the R/GenshinImpact page, may help many players clear Spiral Abyss. The above post includes aggregate data using usage rates and other metrics to determine the most used characters and teams in this edition of Spiral Abyss.

Most used teams in Spiral Abyss 3.2-Genshin Impact

Childe International-Genshin Impact

With the highest usage rate of 42.3%, Chilled International is the most used team in Spiral Abyss. They include.

  • Childe – DPS/ Hydro enabler
  • Xiangling – Off-DPS
  • Kazuha – VV shred
  • Bennett – Buffer/Healer

This team is excellent at clearing the first half of all floors, which feature nasty flying enemies such as Specter, Thunder Craven Liftound, and Aeon Bright Drake.

Hu Tao Vaporize

Huang Shuang’s owner, Huang Huang, and her vaporization team are the second most used with 39.8% of the time. In this variation, her team members are as follows

  • Zhongli – Shielder
  • Yelan – Hydro Sub-DPS
  • Xingqiu – Hydro Sub-DPS

The Genshin Impact team excelled in clearing group and single enemies and came into use in the second half of Spiral Abyss.

Nilou Bloom

Finally, the third team with the highest usage rate is Nilou’s Blossoming in the “Phantom of the Phantom 3.2” update. This team used the following three 5-star characters.

  • Nahida – Dendro enabler/ Off-DPS
  • Kokomi – Hydro enabler/ Healer
  • Dendro Traveler – Sub-DPS

In the chart in the Reddit post above, Genshin Impact players will notice that many new team configurations are being used to clear different floors. This is all due to the introduction of dendro and its new element reaction.

Genshin Impact has introduced a large number of new characters, which are gradually replacing old team structures or creating new metas.

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