Fans react as IShowSpeed’s first-ever football stream garners Crossed over 100K Watching

American YouTube star Darren “IShowSpeed” has made his first full-scale live broadcast of a soccer match, attracting more than 100,000 viewers and prompting fans around the world to react with even more excitement to his illustrious streaming career.

Watch-along streaming is a term used to describe the creators’ live coverage of an entire match. Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal supporter Speed made their first watch-along live broadcast yesterday (November 24) against Ghana. Portugal, led by Ronaldo, won their first Group H match 3-2 against the Africans.

IShowSpeed became one of the most popular live feeds, with more than 100,000 simultaneous viewers on this live feed. In response to these numbers, one user said.

IShowSpeed’s distribution of Portugal’s World Cup win over Ghana had over 108K live viewers and fan response.

IShowSpeed has been able to integrate itself into the soccer world over the past few months. Initially starting out as an NBA 2K streamer, the company has expanded into other games, including EA Sports FIFA.

The number of these streamers has exploded since he became interested in European soccer. As of this writing, Darren’s YouTube channel has over 13 million subscribers. His most recent live stream was watching the Group H match between Portugal and Ghana, which at one point had over 108K viewers.

How did IShowSpeed react to Ronaldo’s goal?

Yesterday, Darren reacted to CR7’s goal for the first time on our live feed. Speed was with his cousin when the goal was scored. The streamer went into a paroxysmal trance as he watched the ball ripple into the net. Below is the video.

During the Livestream, he also indicated that he plans to visit Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is currently underway. It is unclear if he is really going or if he is just joking.

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