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If you have trouble with the rogue-lite elements of Summon Demons Cult of the Lamb. You can gain true strength by dabbling in the dark side.

Like all rogue writers, Summon Demons Cult of the Lamb is filled with unexpected challenges. Permeating the four dungeon areas. While things get better with the weapons and curses unlocked as you progress, other options give you an advantage.

n the second tier of Divine Inspiration upgrades, there is a building called the Demonic Summoning Circle. Its official description reads: Possess a follower with the spirit of a demon. So they can join you on your next crusade.” I was, admittedly, a little skeptical about this — what happens if they die while on a crusade? It wasn’t entirely clear how this would manifest, but I tried.

I am very glad that I did. In Cult of the Lamb, sometimes, the difference between life and death is having the right demonic entity watching your back. What’s more, you can upgrade the Demonic Summing Circle to let you summon two and then three demons at a time. Which increases your proficiency in a crusade.

One such option is summoning demons; for more information on how to summon demons in Cult of the Lamb, click here.

How to Summon Demons in Cult of the Lamb

In order to summon a demon, you must construct a Demon Summoning Circle, a circle of demons that you can use to summon a demon. To summon a demon, you must select a follower to be transformed into a demon and transform them.

To summon a demon, you must select a follower to be transformed into a demon and then transform him. Scrolling through the squire will list what the squire can do, from harmless things like adding a heart to useful things like projectile and melee attacks.

Once the dungeon search is over, the follower will return safely. So do not worry about his disappearance. However, they are exhausted and need to be rested, or they will be useless.

Therefore, this strategy will be used sparsely if you do not want your mansion to be inactive.

As you upgrade your demon summoning circle to levels 2 and 3. You can use stronger demons and summon more than one demon at a time.

Be careful with this, however, because if half of your followers are asleep on their last adventure, you will quickly run out of resources and faith.

The Best Demons to Summon in Cult of the Lamb

There are six main demons in Cult of the Lamb, of which only four are useful. First is Vesta, who regularly shoots long-range bullets during exploration and combat.

Next is Orcus, which will attack nearby enemies with melee attacks every few seconds. Both are good choices in the game’s early stages when you can only take one demon.

Other excellent helper demons are Hathor and Fornax. Hathor is useful in the tough final dungeon in the latter half of the game, as he regularly leaves and returns with hearts.

On the other hand, Fornax can explode into a swarm of enemies, damaging multiple enemies. In Cult of the lamb, any of these four demons can lend a lot of help, but it is up to you how you strategize.

The best demon to summon

But what is the best demon to summon? It is easier to be asked than to answer. This is because no two people have the same name for the demons they summon, so I’ll do my best to explain my preferred type.

I currently have my demon summoning circle up to level 2, and I always employ two types of followers, a melee attack type and a long-range attack type.

Since I am a tank, I try to keep them close to the mobs while still being able to deal damage when I need a breather. But you don’t have to take my word for it; dive into Cult of the Lamb and find your favorite!

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