Genshin Impact Tri-Lakshana Creatures take three pictures

For the second day of the Graven Innocence questline. I need to take pictures of the three Tri-Lakshana Creators at Genshin Impact, here is how to do it.

Want to know how to take pictures of the three Tri-Lakshana Creators at Genshin Impact? These strange creatures at Sumeru look like large fungi; some are resilient and poisonous, while others look like rocks covered in vines.

To accomplish this task, you will need to take pictures of the creatures in three different states. The three states are “Activated,” “Normal,” and “Scorched.” In order to photograph the creature, you must apply different elements by changing the three states of Activated, Normal, and Scorched. You can also reach difficult areas by bouncing on mushrooms or lifting rocks by getting tangled up in vines.

Learn how to clear the Tri-Lakshana in Graven Innocence in the Genshin Impact 3.0 game. Genshin Impact Tri-Lakshana is one of the exploration mechanics in Smell. Tri-Lakshana Creatures include the Bouncy Mushroom and the Star Mushroom, and you will need to take pictures of these creatures.

Tri-Rakshana Creatures

Tri-Rakshana creatures have three states: scorched, normal, and activated, depending on the element applied. A tri rakshana in its normal state becomes scorched when it comes in contact with pyro and can be revived by dendro. It also changes from the “Normal” state to the “Activated” state when it comes into contact with the “Electro”.

Take pictures of three creatures of Trailakshana

The bouncy mushroom seems to be found in the forest of Mautima, the poisonous mushroom in the hills of Ganda, and the vine-covered rock in the pond of Yazadaha. When you find these mushrooms, take a photo of them in their normal state, with nothing done to them.

To take a picture of a triggered tri rakshana, you must “electrify” it. In this state, the first mushroom becomes more elastic, and sparks of electricity fly off; the second mushroom releases poison and the third mushroom releases rocks.

To take a picture of the charred Trirakshana creature, you will need to pyro it. To return the mushrooms to their Normal state, apply Dendro.

That’s how to photograph three Trirakushana in “Genshin Impact” For more information on the 3.0 update, please see the new characters in “Genshin Impact” and all the solutions to the “Sumerikomu Puzzle.” Also, see our ranking of the strongest and weakest characters in “Genshin Impact.

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