The Fall Guys add Worf, Uhura, and Spock to its Star Trek crossover

The Fall Guys add Worf, Uhura, and Spock to its
(Image Credit: Fall Guys)

New costumes for Fall Guys add Worf, and Spock will be available at the “Final Frontier” event beginning October 6.

A Fall Guys add Worf Star Trek special launched today with the “Final Frontier” event. Which adds new official costumes of classic Trek characters to the chaotic multiplayer game, running from October 6-10. The original series Uhura and Next Generation Worf will be added to the store. As well as a Bean version of Spock for Season Pass holders.

In the Fall Guys’ Bean, Nyota Uhura wears a classic red dress uniform with a communicator and earrings. Worf is dressed in a traditional Klingon warrior outfit, complete with severe eyebrows and Michael Dorn’s dramatic goatee.

Spock has the elf-like ears of a Vulcan science officer and Leonard Nimoy’s signature eyebrows and rugged hairstyle.

Fall Guys’ Star Trek event also features a Borg mask with eye implants, a U.S.S. Enterprise backpack (original NCC-1701), and a “Beam Me Up” celebration emote.

The Star Trek celebration items are available now at the Fall Guys Store. For more science fiction titles, visit our collection of the best space games available on PC.

Boistrous bean battle royale Fall Guys has added Star Trek skins, allowing you to dress up as Spock, Worf, and Uhura.

A USS Enterprise backpack and Beam Me Up celebration are also available.

Only Spock is available with the current season pass for Fall Guys, along with the Borg mask. I really like these designs.

Fall Guys is in the midst of its space-themed Season 2, and Mediatonic announced a fitting crossover this week, revealing that it will be adding Star Trek skins to the game. One of them is Spock.

Fall Guys Tweet ( We’ve set our store to stun! )

Spock, the most iconic of all Star Trek characters, as well as Uhura and Worf to recreate their appearances. Other cosmetics and accessories are also available and can be purchased now in the in-game store.

Customize your Fall Guys beans with Uhura and Worf outfits, as well as backpacks modeled after the Enterprise, Beam Me Up memorabilia, and more.

Uhura and Worf costumes are available for 800 Show Bucks each, while the backpacks are available for 400 Show Bucks. Celebration is $700 and offers a variety of bundle options depending on what the player wants from Star Trek.

The Battle Pass content requires some progress on the Reward Track before these costumes can be unlocked. Hugh’s Borg mask is available at Tier 43 and comes with both the mask itself and the gauntlets, while Spock’s costume is unlocked at Tier 52.

These Star Trek skins are just one of several crossovers available this season. The same Battle Pass also includes the Hatsune Miku skin and the Xenomorph costume, so those who have been working their way through Fall Guys Season 2 will have plenty of cosmetics to unlock.

The first season will run from June through September 2022, while the second and current season, called “Satellite Scramble,” will be active from mid-September and run through November 22, 2022. Star Trek costumes are part of the Satellite Scramble season pass.

The Star Trek promotion will run through October 10, 2022, giving players only a few days to climb the Battle Pass and unlock sci-fi skins from the Star Trek series for their in-game avatars.

The current season pass has 200 levels, with Spock’s full skin unlocked at level 54 and the “Live Long and Prosper” celebration emoticon unlocked at level 45.



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