Apple Pencil 3 may have a built-in optical sensor

Apple Pencil 3 has just been granted a patent in the United States for a new device with a stylus and optical sensor.

It may be the Apple Pencil 3, which uses a built-in sensor to sample the colour and texture of objects and copy them to a wirelessly connected device to work with. According to reports, this may appear on the latest iPad Pro in 2024.

Apple Pencil 3 Leak

Years after Steve Jobs criticized the stylus for touching the screen; Apple came up with Pencil technology to allow users to work with the iPad. The first was in 2015, and the second was three years later.

Now the company is working on the next Apple Pencil, reportedly the third generation–fresh news about Patently Apple.Apple has patented a new stylus-like device at the US Patent and Trademark Office, equipped with an optical sensor!

The sensor will reportedly allow the Apple Pencil to copy the texture and colour of an object and send that data to a wirelessly connected laptop or iPad for use in drawing programs.


According to the proposed renderings, the device would have an optical sensor and a light emitter to perform the above functions. Details regarding this have not been shared, but it is expected to appear in 2024, along with the new iPad Pro.

Once launched, it is expected to offer longer battery life and improved latency and accuracy. Another invention patented by Apple for the Pencil 3 will allow interchangeable pen nibs based on “color, shape, thickness, size, brightness, and opacity.” However, no new features will be added.

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