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BeaconGamingZone – BeaconGamingZone aims to amuse and provide information about important technologies.

This approach is the crux of everything we work on at BeaconGamingZone, and we always ask the same three questions for every product we see.

Does it work?

Can you make my life better?
Will you enrich my life?
Our news and features are aimed at informative and detailed, buyer’s guides are useful and knowledgeable, and reviews are thorough but not overly maniac.

The BeaconGamingZone team is regularly quoted in newspapers, BBC, Bloomberg, and other websites and has appeared on Dawn News in Pakistan.

BeaconGamingZone is a trusted global authority on high-tech consumer products and, since 2021, has witnessed the launch of all major high-tech products.

How to Review Products

We are not interested in 16 long pages of articles, such as meaningless numbers and impressions from the box, but we are easy to read, and more importantly, we are easy to understand. This section provides a complete review policy on how Pocket-lint handles its products, including exhibitions, dedicated briefings, and office use.

Handling of Data

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If you have any comments about this Site or our articles, or if you would like to know about advertising, licensing, and syndication on BeaconGamingZone, please contact us. Please contact the feedback form and social media. We expect that you will appreciate this Site just as we relish it.

Editing guidelines

We are dedicated of the quality of the information published on the site. We deal with hundreds of different topics, but they have in common that visitors looking for technical information on the Internet can trust them. Our product considerations are established on analysis and product testing. Our authors produce high-quality, 100% original material free from controversy, ethical concerns, and false information.

All data is professionally revised before it is posted on the Website. A proficient team will examine the article’s readability, spelling and grammar, structure, quality of photos and screenshots, and entire language.


BeaconGamingZone’s team of experienced fact-checkers provides a layer of critical reviews to ensure the authenticity of the data. This group of experts is established and experimented with for journalism and thematic talents. They are tasked with researching all factual statements to ensure that product reviews, news, and technical information articles are complete and comprehensive. That data is accurate and up to date.

Experts edit all Content before posting on the Website. An experienced team will check the readability of the article, spelling and grammar, formatting, quality of images and screenshots, and comprehensive language.

CEOs of BeaconGamingZone

Bilal Manzoor

Bilal Manzoor is the CEO of Beacongamingzone, and with respected partner Muhammad Talha, he is dedicated to the mission of the technological revolution. Bilal Manzoor is a software engineer with many years of experience in various areas such as gaming, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Content writing and is currently working on Metaverse technology. He seeks to deliver updated information to his audience. He is also known as a computer scientist. We are currently managing all Content uploaded by our BeaconGamingzone’s writers. He has worked at many platforms in the last few years as an advisor and project planner. Currently, he is working for his tech sites and aims to provide the latest information on technology for his visitors.

Muhammad Talha

Muhammad Talha is another CEO of BeaconGamingZone and has worked on many projects with Bilal Manzoor. We are committed to the same purpose and motto and our work. Muhammad Talha is also conducting deep research in the field of technology. He’s a developer and writer, and with Bilal Manzoor, he’s doing a lot of professional projects. He currently oversees the entire research team at BeconGamingZone. His articles in the tech niches are also published on Wikipedia and TechRadar. With his creative skill and depth of knowledge, He is growing the many tech sites at the digital world’s top.