You Can Finally Play Again DOOM’s Strangest Spinoff Game

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Doom RPG, a strange and obscure mobile Doom title, has been ported to the PC by fans. This is the first port of the game since its initial release in 2005.

Thanks to the efforts of a fan group called, the most bizarre game in the Doom franchise, DOOM RPG, is finally playable on modern PC platforms, or at least has a working engine. The group has been digging through the source code of old DOOM games for at least a year and a half, releasing various gems, and even posted a collection of DOOM RPG sprites and textures in November 2020, but with their PC port, since its initial release in 2005 This is the first time a DOOM mobile game has been ported to the modern era. DOOM curiosities and development materials appear fairly regularly, as with the recent release of the DOOM creators’ original CD copy, but this time it’s a little different: DOOM RPG was previously only playable on BREW- and Java-capable cell phones, so’s source port before, the game was nearly unobtainable.

The gameplay of DOOM RPG was relatively experimental and different, which is why we recommend playing it in 2022. Despite its platform, the game won several awards, including “2005 Adventure/RPG of the Year,” “Game of the Year,” “Editor’s Choice Award,” and “Best Wireless Adventure Game.” Best Wireless Adventure Game”. It was also generally well received by critics, and even got a sequel four years later (unfortunately, this sequel is pinned to the original iOS platform and uses a different engine, so it is not playable in this port).

It is curious that Id Software has not re-released DOOM RPG, but it is a unique entry in the franchise, and this PC port (Ars Technica article) makes it possible to experience it in a new way. As a pre-smartphone era mobile game, the game is severely technologically constrained, and as such, it eschews the classic fast-paced FPS mechanics of DOOM in favor of turn-based RPG gameplay. As a result, there is generally more emphasis on story than in mainline games and a great deal more dialogue, but DOOM RPG’s visuals, sounds, monsters, and weapons remain true to the series. 2016’s DOOM and DOOM Eternal will feature a more subtle form, but can also be seen as incorporating that environmental storytelling technique.

DOOM RPG Finally Has A Modern PC Port

The process of obtaining the game is a bit tricky, as the free port for Windows created by requires the original files of the game to get around copyright issues; finding a mid-2000s cell phone with DOOM RPG installed is not easy, and fans with the right phone will not have access to the game’s marketplace; DOOM has many fan-created patches and mods, but this is a more tricky problem, and players who do not have an older phone with a copy of the game may have to look into it themselves You may need to.

The PC version of DOOM RPG is said to be playable with a keyboard, mouse, or console controller, which simplifies the interface somewhat. However, using a mouse is inefficient, and without a controller, players may prefer to limit themselves to the WASD control scheme. This tile-based movement system is familiar to anyone who has played similar dungeon crawlers, so the game will appeal primarily to core DOOM fans, gaming history buffs, and those who like old-school dungeon crawlers in this vein, but id Software’s latest DOOM game may be a fun distraction for those waiting for it. Those interested should take the opportunity to play the experimental and well-designed DOOM on their PCs, especially since there doesn’t appear to be an official re-release of the DOOM RPG.

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