World of Warcraft new race page is drawing criticism

World of Warcraft new race page is drawing criticism
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World of Warcraft recently updated its playable races page to a simpler, more streamlined format. However, some of the details on the races page seem to be misstated, oddly worded, or downright racist, leaving World of Warcraft fans confused and outraged.

The primary races in World of Warcraft follow the same straightforward format as the allied races in Legion and Battle for Azeroth. The page briefly describes each race, their place of origin and embassy, the horses they ride, and the armor and leaders they inherit, if any.

New Race Page is Drawing Criticism

However, several pages contain oddities that frustrate players upon discovery. The Orc page claims that the leadership is “undecided” and has been represented on the council for the entire expansion period, even though Thrall is in the picture.

The Forsaken page removes any reference to the treacherous Queen Banshee Sylvanas. It refers to Undercity as the capital, even though it is inaccessible due to the events in the Battle for Azeroth. Worse, the goblins are portrayed as destructive megalomaniacs seeking to take over the world, leaning heavily on anti-Semitic language and looking more like villains than heroic underdogs.

The race page design is, at the very least, cleaner and easier to read. The previous design was lengthy and detailed, and new World of Warcraft players may have found it overwhelming. However, the redesign should have been a great opportunity to clarify information and eliminate problematic references, which were not done.

The nature of the culture as a group of non-evil survivors, despite being composed of orcs, minotaurs, trolls, zombies, goblins, and other cultures often portrayed as villains in fantasy, is what attracted many people to the area in the first place. If.

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