Will there be DLC for “Splatoon 3”?

Will there be DLC for "Splatoon 3"?
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Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter known for its paint-coloring action. The game was an instant hit, and Nintendo is already planning to add more content. With two years’ worth of planned content, the company has high hopes for this Nintendo Switch exclusive. This plan guarantees new weapons, modes, cosmetics, and much more. That sounds great, but will the DLC for “Splatoon 3” come from a major paid expansion?

What are your expectations for the DLC for “Splatoon 3”?

Nintendo is so confident in the game’s success that they are announcing DLC for Splatoon 3 even before it launches. We don’t have much information about the expansion, but Nintendo says we can expect “big paid DLC.” Based on the images from the announcement, it’s almost certain that Pearl and Marina’s characters will be included in the DLC.

What additional content is planned for “Splatoon 3”?

The DLC for “Splatoon 3” is just part of a bigger picture: the game will be updated regularly. New weapons and cosmetics are the main focus, but new modes will also be mentioned. For starters, two modes have been announced as free updates.

X-Battle – a mode open only to top-ranked players.
League Battle – focuses on team battles.
As for cosmetics, Nintendo will try to add a new outfit every three months for as long as the game is popular (or until “Splatoon 4” comes out). If you want to share your gaming experience with friends, see how to play “Splatoon 3” with friends in couch co-op or split screen.

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