When will Skulltown be back in Apex Legends?

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Skull Town, located on Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map, is a favourite POI, and players wonder when it will return to the game. Several leaks for the upcoming season speculated that this iconic POI would return. The developers have also announced on their official blog that something will rise from the ashes of the past. While probable, players will have to wait for Reforged Kings Canyon to be added to the map rotation to see this for sure. Apex Legends Season 14 could see the return of the legendary POI, but various structural changes. Apex Legends Season 14 will likely see the return of the legendary POI, but with various structural changes.

What is the release date for Apex Legends Hunted?

The next season will be called Apex Legends Hunted and will start on August 9, 2022. Season 14 will feature a new Legend named Vantage, and she is classified as a Survival Sniper. The official trailer shows off some of her abilities, and it will be interesting to see how this will translate into the meta. As shown in the trailer, this new Legend may have jetpack abilities that allow her to gain a height advantage. Vantage’s abilities are still a mystery, but we can’t wait to experience the wild changes that the developers have in mind.

Kings Canyon was removed from the map rotation in Season 13 of Apex Legends, but this map will be back next season. While this iconic map has some impressive POIs, it will not hold a candle to Skull Town in terms of popularity. Skull Town is a very competitive area, with at least three squads descending on location in most cases.

There is no room for error for players in this POI, as the battle for loot is fierce, and many enemies will land in the same place. Surviving in Skulltown is not easy, requiring a vast amount of map knowledge, skilful movement, and perfect aim. Landing in this POI is great in public matches, but we recommend staying away from this location in ranked mode.

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