What to do if Facebook Messenger messages do not load

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How to fix Facebook Messenger messages not loading? This article describes several fixes for Facebook Messenger issues and glitches that prevent text and media from loading correctly in conversations with individuals and sites.

Why Is Facebook Messenger Unresponsive?

Messages or files do not load properly in Facebook Messenger.

  • Facebook is unavailable or has problems
  • Outdated Messenger application
  • Incorrect data settings selected
  • Facebook Messenger user has been unfriended

How Can I Fix Messages In Messenger, Not Loading?

Here are all the tried and true fixes for Facebook Messenger loading issues. The holes are ranked from simplest and quickest to the most complex.

  • Check to see if Facebook Messenger is unavailable; Facebook’s Messages feature may have stopped working. As a result, your messages may not display correctly on the Facebook website or app.
  • Check the application you are using again. It may seem simple, but with the growing number of messaging apps, you may be launching the wrong messaging app if conversing on more than one platform.
  • Send a message with Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger app may scan Facebook’s servers for updated data and download the latest announcements and media as a result of posting a message in a chat.
  • Deactivate Airplane Mode; both Wi-Fi and cellular data must be turned off in Airplane Mode to connect to Facebook’s servers. Android [Using Airplane Mode on Android], iPhone and iPad [Using Airplane Mode on iPhone and iPad], and Windows [Using Airplane Mode in Windows], etc. Depending on your platform, there are different ways to turn off Airplane Mode.
  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off again. Turn Airplane Mode on, wait two minutes, and then turn it off again. This will cause your device to establish a new connection to the Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
  • Switch to cellular and disable Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi may not be working correctly, or you may be experiencing other problems; when Wi-Fi is disabled, your device will be instructed to connect to the Internet via a cellular connection, if one exists.
  • Turn off cellular data and use Wi-Fi only. If there is a problem with your smartphone’s connection to the cellular network, Facebook Messenger messages may not load completely or at all. Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Turn off the VPN; temporarily turn off or disable the VPN and see if the Messenger issue is resolved.
  • Quit Facebook Messenger and then reopen it. Quit Facebook Messenger entirely and then reopen it. Note that minimizing the app does not restart it. iPhone Quit the app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Restart the smartphone or PC. The procedure to restart your device varies depending on which one you use: iPhone [Restart iPhone]. Restart Windows, restart Android device, restart Mac, restart Windows PC.
  • Activate Facebook Messenger updates. You may need to update the app on your smartphone if you want to be able to load new content in chat or if you want the latest security upgrades.
  • Get an operating system update; some online services and apps, including Facebook Messenger, may have connection problems if your operating system is not up to date.
  • Check to see if Facebook Messenger is banning you. If you cannot load a discussion with a person in the Messenger application, you may be prohibited from interacting with them.
  • Check Facebook to see if you are banned. It is also possible that the other person has forbidden you from Facebook as a whole, in which case you may not be able to load the chat. You may want to check this as well.
  • Disable low data mode. This setting may stop applications such as Facebook Messenger from requesting up-to-date data from the server. Depending on your platform, there are different ways to disable low data mode, but for the iPhone, follow these steps.
  • Set Background App Refresh to On: On the iPhone, go to Settings > Messenger and turn on Background App Refresh; for Android smartphones and tablets, many background app options are available.
  • Reinstall Messenger. Many issues can be resolved by uninstalling the program from your iPhone or Android device and then reinstalling it.
  • Go to Facebook.com. There may be a problem with the Facebook Messenger software rather than the Facebook Messenger service itself. Try opening the Facebook website in your web browser and starting a chat session.
  • Clear your web browser cache. Emptying the store will allow the browser to retrieve new data and display the message.
  • You will need to clear Facebook’s cache data; the functionality of some Facebook platforms and services, such as Facebook Messenger, may be enhanced by this procedure.
  • Reset network settings. If you have problems connecting to the Internet for several applications, consider resetting your device’s network settings.

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