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Now pubg mobile makes this pharaoh x suit from mythic to ultimate; it cames on 5 August 2020, that suit is one of the favorite outfit and x suit for all players, if you have this suit already your x suit will be changed in ultimate. Still, your x suit must be at level 6; otherwise, you can,t increase mythic to ultimate.

The Golden Pharaoh X suit will be the first upgradeable outfit in “PUBG Mobile.”
It can be unlocked within the Ancient Mode on the Miramar and Erangel maps.
This costume must be unlocked using various in-game crates and digital cash.

Over the years, PUBG Mobile has focused on enhancing gameplay by introducing new strategies, new maps, and of course, weapons. However, less attention has been paid to how players look in different outfits. PUBG Mobile will introduce the first upgradeable outfit, the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit.

This limited-time costume can only be unlocked in the Ancient Mode deployed within the Erangel and Miramar maps. It is based on the motif of an ancient Egyptian ruler but with plenty of modern touches. Such as the charcoal-colored parts in the suit that have a variety of functions.

The Golden Pharaoh X suit comes in three forms: basic, advanced, and final, which are unlocked by exploring the various crates within the ancient mode. This outfit is not cheap and requires money to reach the final form. The outfit comes with several exclusives emotes, which are unavailable on the other outfits.

The basic form requires a Star Firestone crate and a specific Star Fragment token. The final form is equipped with golden wings, fake hair and beard, shoulder pads with a snake design, and chest armor. If the player wearing it dies, no other player can pick it up.

The Golden Pharaoh X Suit also brings limited rewards. These exclusive rewards can be obtained from the Pharaoh Crate, which is on sale until August 13. You can earn more Egyptian-themed Legendary and Epic items.

It is important to note that these costumes are only available in ancient modes and cannot be worn otherwise. These ancient modes can be played for a limited time through the floating temples on Erangel and Miramar maps. The ancient modes also include a new team gun game mode accessible from the arenas on the two maps.

PUBG Mobile recently rolled out the Livik map, a 4×4 Nordic map that required about 15 minutes of gameplay to finish and collect most rewards. The Livik map is still in beta and will be enhanced over time unless a stable version is released. This map will feature new weapons and vehicles, including monster trucks.

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