This game will have us seeing red

Whenever I write something about my favorite genre, I always take about five minutes to talk about how much I love roguelikes in general. In fact, I love roguelikes in general, but since you probably don’t need to see that more than once, I’ll share some interesting news with you today. Can you guess what genre this is? Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory, right? This game is “I See Red” and it looks …… Lethality.

Renowned publisher Gameforge has announced that it is teaming up with a little-known Argentinian development team, Whiteboard Games, to try to make you blush. However, they don’t intend to offer a broken game full of microtransactions and terrible voice-overs. This game is “I See Red,” and it’s a roguelike. It is a very violent, twin-stick, top-down roguelike with all things considered. This game is a roguelike, very violent, twin-stick, top-down roguelike.

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I See Red is a fast-paced tale of anger and revenge, set in the year 2621, where you are an outlaw traveling through an infinite universe. It is your mission to hunt down those who have wronged you and deliver the ultimate punishment for their crimes. Your world is dichromatic in its anger. Thus, the object of your vengeance appears in a deathly shade of red, while the world around you fades into a desolate gray. Ruled by your anger, you will find that everything that surrounds you can be destroyed.

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As you embark on your killing spree, you will find many useful items to aid you on your bloodthirsty path. Weapons, augments, skills, abilities, and other brutal items worthy of your enemies. Since this title is rogue-lite, the more you modify your own clone machine, the stronger it becomes. This makes it possible for a single player to wipe out a spaceship. The game combines a “moe moe” worldview with a “moe moe” worldview.

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2022 was a very important year for Gameforge,” said Tomislav Perkovic, Gameforge’s Chief Product Officer. Our team was immediately attracted to the game’s unique beauty, powerful and engaging gameplay, and unique mechanics, and we are thrilled to be the publisher to help bring it to life. We know this will be one of many exciting titles coming from Whiteboard Games and are proud to include it in our portfolio.”

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If you’re tired of pure twin-stick violence, “I See Red” may be the perfect way to quench your bloodlust, and while an exact release date for “I See Red” has yet to be determined, it is expected to be available for PC on Steam and the Epic Games store at some point later this year.

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