The Witcher 4″ should depict the rise and fall of the Order of the Wizard

The new Witcher Saga explores the violent inner workings of the Witcher cult and its inevitable downfall.

The Witcher 4

A new chapter in the Witcher saga, also known as The Witcher or The Witcher 4, is just a few years away from release. CD Projekt Red has also not announced much about the game’s premise. However, the community believes that it will most likely feature a new protagonist and take place in a different period.

One possible setting is the period immediately following the birth of The Witcher. This would allow players of The Witcher to see the continent at its most dangerous and reveal the nature of the Witcher Order and its inevitable demise.

The Lore Behind the Order of Witchers

The Witcher 4

The Order of the Wizard was founded in the 10th century by collaborating monarchs and powerful wizards. Their goal was to create an order of knights who would use their magical powers to exterminate monsters from the continent. One of the mages involved in this project was Alzer from the “Witcher” game Gwent. Rogue Mage However, the experiment failed, producing mutant humans with little affinity for magic.

As a result, many royal officials withdrew from the project, but some continued to support it. Therefore, the mages of the “Witcher” project continued experimenting with unfortunate children. And the experiments worked: agile and disease-resistant children were born. These became the first Witchers to walk the continent.

The wizards went “on the road” to contract monsters in exchange for coins, and they remained in the fortress to continue their mutation. In the winter, the wizards returned, drank with their mutated brethren, and talked about their travels. This was the “Order of the Wizard. Unfortunately, it would not last long.

Eventually, the wizards began to cheat their fellow monster slayers out of their contracts. Some threatened to kill other Witchers and tried to steal the same monsters from each other. The result was widespread unrest among the Witchers, which inevitably led to the collapse of the Order. Conflict broke out among the Witchers, ending with each group establishing its own Witcher School in the Witcher World and going their separate ways.

The Order of the Witcher in the New Witcher Saga

The Witcher 4

This central point in The Witcher’s history provides an excellent starting point for the next instalment in the series. The Witcher trilogy is a great starting point for the next instalment in the series since it offers players a whole new perspective, at least when compared to the original “Witcher” trilogy. In Geralt’s time, wizards were rare, and far fewer monsters were roaming the continent.

In the world of the Witcher in the 10th century, however, monsters abounded, and the Witcher was likely the only one who could compete with them. It would be interesting to know how wizards were perceived in the immediate aftermath of such a cataclysmic change. Perhaps they might have been celebrated as heroes in contrast to Gerard’s time.

It might also be interesting to talk to famous figures who were only mentioned in the “Witcher” trilogy. For example, Jesus from “The Witcher’s School of Cats,” Erland from “The Witcher’s School of Griffins,” or the great mage Azur. Furthermore, character development would work well by depicting the inevitable clash of beliefs. Also, by depicting the events leading up to the collapse of the cult, we would be able to feel closer to the cause.

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