The “Genshin Impact” Commemorative Reward. Primo Gems, Wishes, Fragile Resins, and more!

The "Genshin Impact" Commemorative Reward. Primo Gems, Wishes, Fragile Resins, and more!
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In celebration of its second anniversary, “Genshin Impact” will be receiving a 3.1 update that will add “Nilou,” “Cyno,” and “Candice” as playable characters. It will also introduce the game’s newest event, the Wine Lesbian Fest.

But in addition to these new elements, “HoYoverse” will also give players a chance to win free primo gems and other in-game goodies, so if you want to check out the commemorative rewards in “Genshin Impact of the Impact” before the 3.1 patches are released, this handy hub is for you.

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Release Date for the “Genshin Impact” Anniversary Event

The “Genshin Impact” anniversary event will be released simultaneously with the 3.1 updates on September 28, 2022. The game will celebrate its second anniversary, and the basic free-to-play game will host several events for players to participate in.

Genshin Impact Commemorative Rewards

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of “Genshin Impact,” we are pleased to announce the return of daily login rewards. In “Genshin Impact,” logging in daily will give you free access to many items. Primo Gems, Hero’s Proof, Mora, and many other useful items can be used to level up banners and adventurer ranks that will appear in the future.

Whether after the Nilou or Shino banners or waiting for other Smell characters, get your hands on the “Phantom Impact” commemorative rewards.

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  • Entangled Fate x10
  • Primo Gem x1,600
  • Fragile Resin x4, two unique gadgets
  • Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper Gadget
  • Cloud Retainers Damask Device

How to Receive Commemorative Genshin Impact Benefits

To receive the Genshin Impact commemorative rewards, you must log in to the game daily during the 3.1 event period. After logging in, please access your in-game email to receive your rewards.

In addition to the daily login bonus, “HoYoverse” will also host the “Of Ballads and Brews” event, which will feature the new 4-star weapon “Missive Windspear” and its exclusive refining materials.

The “One Hundred and One,” “Windchaser,” and “Sojourner in Search of Stars” events will also be held, giving travelers even more items.

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These are just a few of the events commemorating “Genshin Impact.” This page will find the latest information and guides for the “Genshin Impact” event.

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