Streets of Rage 4″ Mobile Multiplayer Update Available on Date

Streets of Rage 4" Mobile Multiplayer Update Available on Date
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Playdigious’ stunning mobile adaptation of Dotemu’s “Streets of Rage 4” ($8.99) is a must for beat-em-up fans. When this game was released, we featured it in our “Game of the Week” section. We also did a review comparing it to other versions of the game. Today, Playdigious announced that a multiplayer update for Streets of Rage 4 would be available next week. If you missed it, read our extended interview with Playdigious covering this release and more here. Watch the trailer for it in the tweet below.

Streets of Rage 4 has been updated to version 1.03 by Lizardcube. The patch notes say the update boasts significant improvements in online and gameplay.

Streets of Rage 4 was developed by Lizardcube and released earlier this year for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. As you saw in our review, the game was exceptional in a series that has a cult following. We have now updated the game with significant improvements to gameplay, online multiplayer, and more.

If you already own the mobile version of Streets of Rage 4, the multiplayer update will be accessible on September 13. If you don’t have it yet, get Streets of Rage 4 on the App Store for iOS here or Google Play for Android here. of

Streets of Rage 4 – Mr X Nightmare is priced at $2.99 on iOS and Android. Have you played Streets of Rage 4 and the Streets of Rage 4 – Mr X Nightmare DLC on mobile yet?

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