Steve’s beard is back in Minecraft new default skin

Steve's beard is back in Minecraft new default skin

Mojang has updated Minecraft’s default skins, bringing back Steve’s beard from earlier versions of the sandbox crafting game and improving Alex’s look.

Mojang has changed Minecraft’s default skins for Steve and Alex, finally bringing back Minecraft’s Steve’s beard after years of shaving it off. The original model of Minecraft Steve, the iconic blue-shirted face of the craft game, featured a brown goatee that many players mistook for a smiling face but was removed to give the sandbox game’s default character a more gender-neutral look. It was released to create a more gender-neutral look for the sandbox game’s default character.

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In 2014, another default skin was introduced to Minecraft – Minecraft Alex. With a green top and long red hair tied back in a ponytail, Alex has a slightly more feminine appearance than Steve’s model. Helen Chiang, Microsoft’s Minecraft studio head, said in a 2018 interview that she hopes the Minecraft brand will subvert traditional gender stereotypes by presenting Alex and Steve as having the same physical qualities and abilities. He stated that.

With two options available to players, the decision was made to bring back Steve’s famous goatee. A post on the Minecraft subreddit highlighted the new skin, improved Alex’s shading, and gave the second character model a more natural 3-D appearance. Fans are incredibly excited about the return of Steve’s goatee.

Many commenters are pleased that Steve again matches the look in most official art, including characters from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game. But it’s a big part of Steve’s design, and Mojang seems to agree.” It’s nice to see it officially resurrected after all these years.

Minecraft lead artist Jasper Boerstra commented on Twitter about the change, “Glad you like the return of the beard!” Boerstra also noted that the new skin uses classic banding and “pillow shading” techniques “to add some OG junk” and asked players for their thoughts on whether this is a good decision. There is also a classic option for those who prefer the older look.

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