SpaceX Completes Second Successful Starlink Mission in Three Days

Credit By Space X

One week after logging its 31st launch of the year, SpaceX

again put 53 Internet-connected Starlink satellites into orbit from Kennedy Space Center on Sunday.

Sunday morning’s Falcon 9 launch followed a Friday flight from Vandenberg Space and Air Force Base in California. This marks the 33rd mission in just seven months from launch sites in Florida and California. The previous record was 31 missions completed in 2021.

Launch time was 9:38 a.m. EDT from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

After the eighth successful launch, the Falcon 9 first stage booster flipped and landed on one of the company’s drone ships anchored in the Atlantic Ocean. It will be returned to Port Canaveral a few days later to be refurbished and re-flighted on a future mission.

Credit By Space X

Another batch of Starlink Internet relay satellites was launched into orbit by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket was launched at 9:38 a.m. on Sunday, July 24, from Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.
The increase in rocket launches this year enriches the massive network of Starlink Internet satellites in orbit, reaching nearly 3,000 after Sunday’s 53rd Starlink mission.

Nearly 3,000 satellites have been launched and put into orbit, some of which have become inactive over time, and some have been destroyed after being decommissioned and entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

The satellite provides Internet service to a wide area of North America, Europe, and Australia. In addition, SpaceX recently began offering optional satellite Internet antennas and services for RVs and boats available nationwide. For a basic residential service plan, customers pay $110 per month.

Sunday’s launch was the 32nd to fly from Space Coast.

If launches continue at this pace, Eastern Range will meet its unofficial goal of supporting 50 launches by the end of the year.

Space Coast’s next launch is expected to be SpaceX’s Falcon 9 mission in support of South Korea’s Pathfinder lunar probe.

This mission is scheduled to take place no earlier than Tuesday, August 2, from Cape Canaveral Spaceport. Weather forecasts and launch dates will be released later Friday.

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